bathroom design, 2015 Bathroom Design Trends

2015 Bathroom Design Trends

bathroom design, 2015 Bathroom Design Trends

Free-standing bathtubs and larger showers are a popular trend for 2015. They create a space to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.

The style and trend of interior design is ever changing, which is especially true for areas of the home such as the bathroom. You are going to see a completely new look in bathroom design for 2015. If you are thinking about an overhaul in your bathroom design, get up-to-date with some of these new trends to bring the look of your standard bathroom to a whole new level.

Free-standing Bathtubs

This is a trend that is not going anywhere for this new year. Freestanding and soaking tubs are not only striking, they provoke the feeling of rest and relaxation with their deep tubs. The variations of the free standing tub also make it an ideal feature in bathroom design. You can find a design that fits in perfectly with your bathroom, or let the tub define the shape and look of the bathroom.

Large Showers

The time of small cube-like showers is over for now. In this case, bigger is better. You will be seeing more showers with solid walls that completely enclose the space, or oversized panes of glass. This creates a luxurious feeling, but also give room to add other features such as multiple shower heads in a master bath, body jets, and a steam shower. The larger shower and the overall bathroom design is all about rejuvenation and wellness. Click here for more luxurious bathroom pictures.

Gray and Modern Tones

Many bathrooms have been going gray for a sleek and modern feel. Gray tones offer a great palette to work with and can be made to set modern or timeless, sophisticated looks. Adding small doses of white is all that you need to complete the look, or you can add energy to the design by bringing in a splash of bold, eye-popping color.

Clean and Contemporary Looks

There is always a move toward simplicity when it comes to any home design. With bathroom design a cleaner and more contemporary look is becoming the hottest trend. The idea behind this look is clean lines and a minimalist modern tone. The functional simplicity creates a clean and relaxing environment. Click here to see the transformation of a dated bathroom into a modern masterpiece.

Leggy Sinks

The trends for the sinks tend to be leaning towards sinks with no cabinet underneath. That means its time to find an alternate spot to stash the toiletries, however it is well worth it with the various styles and looks that you can get with the more “leggy” sinks. Besides the stylish look, these sink trends give the feeling of a larger, more airy bathroom. The legs you choose can make your bathroom look sleek and contemporary or more elegant, depending on your house and personal tastes.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz has become one of the hottest countertop materials in modern design. The bonus with quartz countertops is that they have a stain resistant surface that is very easy to clean. They also do not require sealing as with granite or marble. The colors that are available make it easy to find the match for your bathroom design.

Bathroom Designs that Reflect the Home

One trend that will be growing within the year is how your bathroom design compares with the rest of the house. Bathrooms are becoming a bigger feature of a home, unlike in the past. Incorporating your bathroom’s look is simple with the use of unconventional light fixtures and vanities that resemble furniture you may see throughout the rest of the house. Go for a look that makes your bathroom seem more like an extension of your bedroom or living room rather than a traditional bathroom.

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