home value, 6 Tips That Will Increase Your Home Value

6 Tips That Will Increase Your Home Value

home value, 6 Tips That Will Increase Your Home Value

Easy bathroom update: Replace the standard bathroom mirror with a modern framed mirror for a more upscale look.

If you are thinking about putting your house on the market, you’ll want to make sure your house is in tip-top shape. Improving the home value helps you receive as much money as possible for your house, as well as attract more potential buyers. When considering which home remodeling projects you should complete, consider these six tips to help you increase your home value and get the most bang for your time and money.

1. Fix Anything That’s Broken

While this may seem obvious, it is still worth mentioning. Most people who are purchasing a home want something that is ready to move in. They will have enough things to do during the moving process without adding home renovations to their list. Broken items can deter buyers as well as significantly decreasing the total home value.

2. Replace the Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash

The kitchen is one of the rooms that receives the most attention when potential buyers look at a house. Replacing the countertops and installing a new backsplash is an easy and inexpensive way to update your kitchen’s look and improve the home value without having to complete a full kitchen remodel. Beautiful new granite countertops draws the eye away from the existing cabinets. As an added bonus, you can advertise your house as having a “newly remodeled kitchen.”

3. Minor Room Updates

Fixtures will quickly decrease home value by dating a house. For example, a home with brushed nickel or stainless steel fixtures may be more desirable than a home of the same age and size that has brass fixtures. Make minor updates to each room, one room at a time. You will want to complete small projects, including replacing the door knobs, painting or replacing the hinges, installing new light fixtures, and replacing the door stops. While these changes may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, the overall atmosphere adds a lot to the perceived home value.

4. Exterior Painting

While there are a lot of home improvement projects that you can do on your own to improve the home value, exterior painting is one you will probably want to leave to the professionals. While this may seem expensive at an average cost of $3,000 to $4,000, the price seems much more reasonable when you consider the amount of work and time that this job entails. In addition to painting the siding, an exterior painting crew will also paint the soffits, exterior doors, garage door, and gutters, as well as caulk all of the windows. A fresh coat of paint makes the house look great from the curb, creating a good first impression for potential buyers.

5. Bathroom Remodel

Another quick, easy, and effective way to increase home value is to undertake a bathroom remodeling project. The best thing about remodeling the bathroom is that you can do it one step at a time without needing to complete every project at once. In the bathroom, you will want to replace the countertops, sink, faucet, and light fixture. One effortless way to update the look of the bathroom is to replace the wall to wall mirror with a modern framed mirror. If the bathroom includes a shower, you may wish to replace the shower door as well.

6. New Flooring

If your carpet is looking worn or you have outdated tile in an odd color, one of the fastest ways to improve the home value is to replace the flooring room by room. Laminate flooring or tile flooring is relatively inexpensive while also being easy to install yourself in just a few hours per room.

Whether your goal is to sell or you want to enjoy a home that feels like new, completing any of these projects will give you the results you are looking for.

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