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Add Color To Your Kitchen With These Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen TransformationIf your kitchen is looking a little bland these days, perhaps all it needs is a fresh splash of color. Fortunately there are a number of affordable ways to bring more color into your kitchen without taking on a full remodel. Here are a few kitchen decorating ideas that will give your space a big impact:

Give your outdated cabinetry a quick facelift with a colorful coat of paint.

If you are not bold enough to paint all of your kitchen cabinetry, consider just painting your kitchen island.

Paint the interior walls of glass cabinets.

This is one of the least expensive kitchen decorating ideas, and is especially dramatic in an all-white kitchen. For the best results, select a color that will really make your dishes pop.

Create a colorful focal point with glass tile.

This can be done with a backsplash throughout your kitchen or just in one specified area such as the space between your cooktop and hood. Colorful tile really catches the eye when paired with stainless steel appliances.

Select a vibrant colored countertop.

Aside from your cabinetry, your countertops are likely one of the first things that your guests will notice when they walk into your kitchen. With the amount of material and color options available, you can really get any look you want.

Add colorful open shelving to your kitchen.

It is nearly impossible to have too much storage in your kitchen. One of the more popular kitchen decorating ideas is to add open shelving. This provides you with another opportunity to introduce color to the kitchen with both the shelving itself and what you choose to place on the shelf.

Choose colorful light fixtures.

If you want to create a fun and lively environment in your kitchen, don’t be afraid to select colorful light fixtures. This is one of the best kitchen decorating ideas for more neutral spaces that need a little splash of color.

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