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Black Mold or Mildew in Your Bathroom?

Mold or MIldew – Are you Getting Mad Yet?

Black Mold or Mildew Keeps Showing Up in Your Bathroom?

A common recurring issue or problem that we see in the DFW Metroplex and the greater North Texas area is in bathrooms and the black mold or mildew that show up in the corners of the bathroom. The source of these black spots is moisture, but it’s probably not the moisture that you think it is.

Go to Work!

People try doing several things to get rid of these spots such as cleaning, re-grouting and re-caulking. These steps may work for a while if the issue of the mold or mildew is only poor ventilation in the bathroom. In those cases, providing more ventilation and using one or all of the steps mentioned may work. However, if you have good ventilation and you still have this issue, then the source of the moisture is probably moisture coming from inside your walls.

How Could This Be Possible?

Photo - Mold Damaged Green BoardWhen a shower doesn’t have a moisture barrier installed, this is likely why moisture has been a problem for so long. And if this is the case the fixes already mentioned above are only a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

At the point that you start seeing signs of the moisture out in the bathroom, the moisture is already in your wall somewhere. It could be as deep as your green board right behind your tile or actually in the wall cavity and studs and finding a way out of your wall. It’s also possible that if you look closely on the other side of the wall, you may see some tell-tale signs of light mold or mildew.

Depending on how long the issue has been going on, you may have some studs on the walls that have to be aired out for long periods of time or replaced.  The temporary fixes are just covering up the moisture and in some cases the “fix” is just further trapping the moisture inside. In a matter of months or sometimes even weeks, the black spots return.  That is because the mold spots can come from behind the grout or caulk and push through it.  The more moisture you have in the wall the faster this will happen.

Don’t Get Mad – Solve the Real Problem

Photo - Mold Damaged Green BoardIt’s usually about the 2nd or 3rd time that the cover up process is done and it still doesn’t work, that Homeowners call in a remodeling company, hoping that this can be taken care of easily.  In most cases the real fix is an easy one…redo the entire shower.

Without removing the items that have moisture in them and airing out the wall cavities, the issue will continue to show up.  Many people want just the bottom part of the shower done.  This may or may not be a permanent fix as the top part of the shower may still not have a moisture barrier.  Re-doing the entire shower is the only way that you can be 100% certain that there is a proper moisture barrier system installed in your shower.  A good quality contractor will use a water moisture barrier throughout and rebuild the entire shower from top to bottom.

So don’t get mad at your cleaning efforts because the black spots don’t come out of your shower floor and wall.

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