Essential Elements for a Holiday Gift Wrapping Station

If wrapping a gift creates a chaotic mess, it’s time for you to create a gift wrapping station. With this dedicated area, you’ll be able to wrap a mountain of Christmas gifts with little effort, making it look like you put in hours worth of work. There are a variety of gift wrapping carts and organizers on the market. However, if you’d like a more personalized wrapping station remodel, you can have one customized to fit any space in your home. By having the following essential elements on hand, your wrapping will become a breeze!

Common Tools

First, make a list of the tools needed in your gift wrapping station. Your list will likely include these common craft supplies:

  • double-sided tape
  • weighted tape dispenser
  • hole punch
  • glue gun
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pens and/or markers

You can sort these smaller items in clear bins or compartments. Hang them on a wall, on a door, or inside a cabinet using a clear plastic shoe holder. At a glance, you’ll be able to find everything you need. This simple layout will also help you see when your supplies are running low.

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Work Space

A suitable table or counter will make or break your station. After all, the most difficult part about wrapping gifts is finding an area large enough to set out the wrapping paper while trying to tear off a piece of tape with one hand. Get creative! For example, place your wrapping station across from your laundry appliances in your laundry room for a smart use of space. Your room could look a lot like this one here.


Wrapping Materials and Cards

You’ll want to have a supply of staple items from the get-go, including bags and paper in a variety of holiday decor and colors. You’ll save yourself multiple trips to the store since you’ll be ready for any occasion.

  • gift tags
  • gift bags
  • gift boxes
  • tissue paper
  • note cards and greeting cards
  • wrapping paper

Rifling through your supplies will become so much easier if you keep them in organized baskets. Use magazine holders inside the baskets to create handy dividers. Plastic pull-out bins are also a great way to store these items.

Place thin rubber bands around opened wrapping rolls so that they remain tightly wrapped. Rolls can be hung horizontally by mounting them on pegboard with hooks, or on walls and under cabinets using cup hooks and 1/2 inch wooden dowels. Alternatively, the rolls can be grouped together vertically in tall baskets or (new) trash cans.


Your wrapping station wouldn’t be complete without some embellishments. Make your gifts pop with these attention-getting items:

  • ribbons
  • washi tape
  • bows
  • thread
  • craft twine

Washi tape and spools of ribbon or twine can be strung on dowels or paper towel holders. If you’re in a pinch, cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls will work, too. Place a piece of tape on each ribbon spool so that the ribbons remain tightly wrapped.

Quit stuffing your wrapping supplies haphazardly in disorganized closets. There may be a wide array of pre-made wrapping cabinets you can buy, but creating a gift wrapping station that fulfills your unique needs in your particular space is worth the effort. Even the simplest supplies organized correctly will revolutionize your gift wrapping.

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