Green Home Design Ideas

green home design, Green Home Design Ideas

Installing new wall insulation during a remodel is a great way to tightly seal your home’s envelope and lower energy costs.

If you are considering remodeling or upgrading your existing home or are planning  new home construction, incorporating green home design principles will save you money and improve the comfort within your home. Simple changes such as adding additional insulation, installing low flow fixtures and toilets, and switching to one or more tankless water heaters all provide a reasonable return on upfront investment costs through reduced utility bill. Other additional benefits of green home design techniques are less tangible, yet just as valuable.

Additional Insulation Will Immediately Reduce Utility Costs and Increase Home Comfort

While additional attic insulation can be installed at any time for an immediate reduction of utility costs, wall insulation is best installed either during a remodeling phase or new construction project. All green home design principles emphasize conservation of energy through more efficient building styles, and insulation is one of the easiest ways to more tightly seal your home’s envelope, lowering heating and cooling costs.

Since a more tightly sealed home means conditioned air will escape your living spaces more slowly, the comfort within your home will be significantly improved. Traditional blower furnaces and air conditioners use fans to force conditioned air through vents which deliver the air to each room in your home, creating drafts and differences in air temperatures as fresh conditioned air mixes with room air. By minimizing the amount of time your furnace and air conditioner are required to run, this green home design practice will reduce uncomfortable air currents and increase indoor comfort levels.

Modern Low Flow Water Fixtures and Toilets Reduce Water Consumption Without Inconveniences

Modern green home design incorporates low flow fixtures and toilets as a standard, which significantly reduce water usage with no inconveniences placed upon household members. With high tech devices that maintain water pressure with lower flow, far less water is needed to comfortably shower or bathe. Although low flow toilets were once less than functional, new green home design techniques utilize water pressurizing technologies, reducing water usage of this water hog to less than half that of traditional toilets while leaving your bowl fully flushed.

Tankless Water Heaters Reduce Energy Usage and Provide Unlimited Hot Water

Tankless water heaters have become a popular component in green home design due to their ability to instantly reduce energy usage while providing an unlimited supply of hot water. Tankless heaters operate in a different manner than traditional water storage units, taking up far less space and offering more versatility.

Because a tankless water heater heats water only when needed as opposed to maintaining a tankful of hot water 24/hrs per day, 7/day per week, your standby energy usage will drop considerably. In addition, since each unit is relatively small and can be installed on a wall or underneath a cabinet, many homeowners choose to install more than one tankless heater. Often, this can result in even greater savings, as hot water will not be required to travel long distances to reach faucets in distant locations of your home. When hot water is produced close to where it is needed, far less heat is lost while traveling through pipes.

Green Home Design Practices Can Be Applied Within All Homes

Regardless of whether you simply want to save money on utility bills, or wish to go all out to improve the efficiency of your household and reduce your carbon footprint, green home design practices are accessible to everyone. With modern technological advances, saving the planet no longer requires personal sacrifice. You can actually increase the comfort within your home while being gentle on the Earth at the same time.

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