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Home Remodeling & Your Family’s Safety?

Consider Family Safety With Home Remodeling

home remodeling - attic chimney

Over the years, DFW Improved has seen many makeover mistakes and examples of a home improvement product or building materials used in ways that were never intended. In some instances, it may have been the only material available or possibly a way someone thought they could finish or “fix” a problem at that point in time.

In other cases they just don’t know any better or it is just poor quality workmanship. Whatever the reason, home remodeling that sometimes utilizes a seemingly “good enough” use or repair can create other more serious issues or possibly even dangerous hazards for your family.

As you can see from the attached picture, this is the extension of the chimney from the fireplace below in a home’s interior space to the roof structure above. The brick used for the chimney are laid incorrectly whether a separate flue (double-walled metal or clay flue liner) was installed or not. In this particular case, the brick were installed to also form the chimney flue itself.

Fireplace Chimney

A fireplace chimney’s purpose is to remove fumes and smoke from a burning fire to the outside air. This smoke is pulled out of the fireplace by 1) the draft created by air movement across the top of the chimney outside and 2) from the natural conveyance of heat as it rises above cooler air.  Additionally there are sparks or super-heated fragments of burning wood or other materials that move through that chimney flue to the outside as well.

As stated, the specific purpose of a separate flue pipe or a clay flue-liner is to help create a separated channel or path to make certain that smoke, heated air and sometimes burning sparks have more than one physical barrier to contain it. This protects your home and your family from the disaster and danger that a fire in your home can cause.

Poor Quality Workmanship

In this instance, the attic and this home not protected by a separate flue and the brick were installed on their side. This method was possibly used to create a thicker wall or distance from the flue being formed by the brick, but two additional problems were created when they did this:

  1. First the holes created by the brick manufacturing process now become likely conduits of open flame reaching the interior of the attic, and
  2. Upon closer inspection of the photo, it does not appear that the bricklayer used mortar in the vertical or “head” joints to create a solid seal to contain the smoke or flames.

Recipe for Disaster

The fact that an attic and the wood framing used to create the roof framing system is protected from the weather elements and then is exposed to high temperatures during summer months. The wood framing becomes extremely dry and is then even more susceptible to small sparks or flames causing quick-spreading fires in homes.

The issues outlined above clearly detail why it is critical to you and your family’s safety to carefully select the right Home Remodeling Contractor to work with you from start to finish.

So What’s the Solution?

Hire a general contractor in DFW that is experienced to complete all design and home remodeling projects to meet or exceed all codes and requirements.  Your family’s safety should be the highest concern and your home remodeling design and execution of the projects should always reflect that commitment.

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