Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool and Remodeling Project in Allen TX

Indoor Pool and Addition Turns to Dream Home

Outdoor Living with Indoor Pool Remodeling Project in Allen

As much as we enjoy helping create a dream home for a homeowner, it is sometimes tough to find a way to do it when there are restrictions on space or other areas.  For this particular indoor pool project in Allen TX, the homeowner’s addition and indoor pool plan turned into a few different projects.  The initial plan was a home addition with an indoor pool, yet the restrictions that we had with the size of the addition also forced us to do a remodel on the existing outdoor pool.

For this home remodeling project, we wound up doing an upper pool remodel and an addition from the client’s master bedroom as well as an indoor pool.  There were several different limitations as well as factors to consider.  Fortunately, we had already done an indoor pool prior to this one, so we had to study our lesson pretty well.   The home owner decided on an outdoor firepit feature as well which turned out very well.

Indoor and Outdoor Pool - Allen, TX

Indoor and Outdoor Pool

We did quite a bit of new pool decking, some audio wiring, and things like that associated with the addition.

We had to take out part of an existing wall from the master bedroom to add the doors to go from the master bedroom to the outdoor pool and then we added a new fence and some retaining wall work that we ended up doing we helped the client with a bunch of her landscaping as well.  So we were able to take a 17 or 18 year old home over in Allen and really do a nice addition on it, change up the pool, add an indoor pool really really bring the backyard in to the modern day and take a house that was a great house for her and make it an exceptional house for her. She was extremely pleased with the outcome and has been a big fan. We’re very proud of this one for sure.

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