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Kitchen Remodel Success Story – Again!

Kitchen Remodel – Tips for Success

Smart Planning for a Successful Kitchen Remodel

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In today’s market a Kitchen Remodel can be one of the best investments you can make in your home. It is critical to work with a contractor that can help you develop a design and a plan that is smart financially and creates a new, updated feel within your home for your enjoyment. Because of experience, a professional home remodeler can also assist in long term planning to help work within a budget while planning for future work.

Kitchen Remodel PhotoWe recently completed a Kitchen Remodel for a customer in Plano that is a great example of the drastic difference a remodel project like this can make to your home. Our main scope of work included a kitchen remodel and a utility room makeover. The homeowner also wanted to achieve a significant updated look not only in the Kitchen but the adjoining Breakfast Nook and Dining Room. We replaced a non-functioning glass sliding door in the Breakfast Nook area with beautiful new divided-light French doors and new light fixtures to replace the out-dated recessed can lights throughout the house . Although we kept the general layout of the existing Kitchen we also incorporated some small but important changes to create a more efficient Kitchen space while providing the feel of a much larger area. The cooktop range and oven were combined and providing room to relocate the new refrigerator into a built-in cabinet closer to the other elements of the Kitchen. This resulted in a circulation efficiency and created much of the “open” look when combined with the lower, extended bar countertop behind the new sink.

Our customer also indicated concern that the Kitchen was completely separated from the Dining Room and Living area by the original floor plan. Because of this, one of the more drastic design elements for this project became a fairly simple pass-through opening concept between the Kitchen and Dining Room. The continuity created (discussed in detail below) between the Kitchen and Dining Room was then enhanced in the new location by coordinating with the new Kitchen look.

It’s the “Little Things” that make a “Big Difference”!

Photo_Built In CabinetThe homeowner also had an old wet bar area that was never used. We were asked to replace this wet bar with a new built-in bookcase and glass shelves. In addition the homeowner plans to update her fireplace with stone veneer in the future.

Our completed design for the bookcase, which was part of this scope of work, allows for the thickness of the future stone veneer.

It’s a “little thing” that most remodelers may not consider, but when the future veneer is installed, the new bookcase will then be perfectly centered. The current design provides that the left-side stile (vertical portion) was increased to allow for this, but it’s really not apparent until it’s pointed out.

Let’s Do It!

We began the project with demolition and removal of all existing components of the Kitchen including appliances, countertops and cabinets, wallpaper and recessed can lights. For homeowner approval, the proposed opening was taped on the walls in both the Kitchen and Dining Room to help the client visualize the size and location of the opening before cutting out anything.

After receiving homeowner approval, we then cut out the opening and framed a large 6’x 3’ opening in the wall. During construction we completed the project as we installed a matching granite pass-through countertop, trimmed out the opening to match the updated Kitchen and created a buffet area to the Dining Room in a more useful location.

The homeowner loved this idea and it really made for more of an entertaining area even with a relatively small kitchen.

Success Story

Kitchen Remodel_PhotoDuring this process, this homeowner selected some beautiful materials and finishes that really brought this kitchen remodel to life and showed it off. The new custom cabinets now extend all the way to the ceiling, while a faux-wood tile floor was used that really popped with color against contrasting painted walls. A beautiful glass tile backsplash was chosen to go with the 3 cm thick Caledonia granite for all the countertops. The new appliance package was all matching stainless steel and the new light fixtures highlighted the colors and new look. Under-counter lighting was installed only where it would provide strong accents and be the most useful.

Overall, this became a very successful project and our customer absolutely loves the outcome. The Kitchen Remodel project not only up-dated the room and surrounding areas, it increased the value of the home and now the client will have the ability to truly enjoy the newly created space for years to come.

DFW Improved has the knowledge and ability to provide this same type of experience and project conclusion for you!

To do this successfully for so many years, it requires professionalism and consistency. These are characteristics that are not always common with some contractors, but because of them, DFW Improved brings value to our customers’ home time after time after time.

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Whether it’s a bath or kitchen remodel or some other update or addition, DFW Improved can respond promptly and meet all your needs.

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