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Kitchen Remodeling Transformation – Part II

Home and Kitchen Remodeling – Schedules are ALWAYS a Challenge!

kitchen remodeling before and after
Recap Summary

In our last installment about the major transformation that a kitchen remodeling project can bring, we had completed the structural revisions to the home. Everything has gone well to date.

Next Steps – Start the Finishes

It was time for our drywall contractor. It’s a flurry of activity. Gypsum Board stacked on the floor begins to disappear as it’s installed on the ceilings and the walls.

More dust.

But in just a few short days, the shell of the new kitchen was there!

Next Step is Cabinets

Well, at least we thought it was…

If there is one thing I can tell you about home and kitchen remodeling, it is that things change, and we have to adapt.

New construction in the area had suddenly hit an uptick.  Our cabinet delivery and installation got pushed out by a week.

We Must Shift Gears Quickly

Lets get some painting done.  Our Painter quickly moved into action and started painting walls, the remaining baseboards, and ceilings.

We made the most of our time, and kept it going.

Wood Floors Next3504_SarahSprings_DfwImproved-4

We installed a Red Oak nail-down wood floor; 1,300 square feet of it to be exact.

The installation process took about 2 days.  Trim carpenters then quickly installed new baseboard where it was needed and the crown molding around the perimeter of the new ceiling .


I stated in our previous article that the cabinets are the nucleus of a Kitchen Remodel project. This project was a perfect example of why they are so important.

They finally get here and go in…and they look great! What a relief!!!

Now the project really looks like it’s beginning to take shape!

After a few minor cabinet adjustments, it’s time to get the granite supplier and the painter involved to finish the cabinets.

Granite Countertops

After the cabinets are in place, the granite supplier will now come in to measure and make the templates for the countertops that will be installed on those wonderful unfinished cabinets (wonderful because they are here and installed). It’s also time for the homeowner to pick out the actual granite slabs of her choice for them to be custom cut and fabricated to fit those “wonderful” cabinets.

Did I mention earlier that cabinets are the nucleus of a Kitchen Remodeling project?

Our Painter

Prep, prep and more prep. Cabinets take time. High-quality painters will spend more man-hours prepping and getting ready to paint than painting itself.

Preparing a home for a sprayer to be used for the cabinets takes time. Doorways must be taped off, and everything prepped properly to ensure a great finish. After a full day of prep work, we are ready to prime the cabinets.

The paint has a very strong odor that will dominate the house because use a high-quality oil based primer.  After the primer, we then lightly sand and do more prep work.

After the cabinets are prepared for enamel, we spend the next day using a high-capacity airless sprayer to apply the finishing coat to the cabinets.  We must then give the house a day to breath while the enamel dries and hardens properly. It may feel dry to the touch, but too much pressure in an area and your professional job is ruined and must refinished.

Did I mention that the cabinets are critical to the project?

During this painting process, we receive more bad news…we will deal with that in our next article.

Continuing on, the painters then return to cut in around cabinets and touch up any dings in the walls.  The painting of cabinets vary some but it normally takes 3-5 days with all the preparation (we call it “prep” for short), painting, drying and clean up afterwards. If you try to hurry this part of the project too much, you’ll be very disappointed with the final product.

Now to Get the Project back on Schedule!

Our final installment of this 3 Part article will prove why you want only experienced professionals working in your home.

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