kitchen pantry, Must-Haves For Your Kitchen Pantry

Must-Haves For Your Kitchen Pantry

kitchen pantry, Must-Haves For Your Kitchen Pantry

This kitchen remodel utilizes custom shelving in a small space to create an efficient built-in pantry. Click on the picture to see more of this kitchen renovation.

One recent trend in kitchen renovations is creating a custom designed kitchen pantry. The pantry has made the transition from a simple space for food storage to a well designed area of the home that combines form and function. Take a look at some storage solutions and inspired designs to get started on your own kitchen pantry renovation.

Creating a Pantry in a Small Space

Don’t let limited space keep you from creating a pantry you will love. By planning your space wisely and including smart organization tips, you can easily fit a pantry into your kitchen.

  • Hideaway storage has long been used as a solution for those living in small spaces, adding usable storage space to otherwise unused areas.
  • When there is not room for a walk-in pantry, you’ll want to find a way to reach every item in order to maximize space. Pull out drawers are the answer. These will work everywhere from a closet pantry to a cupboard. Click here to see more small kitchen pantry ideas.

Custom Shelving for Ultimate Organization

Custom shelving offers the opportunity to organize food and kitchen items perfectly. Consider a few things when creating your own custom pantry shelving.

  • Add shelving that is deep enough and tall enough for food storage jars and bins. Shelves that are too shallow will be useless, while making them too deep will often lead to items being lost and disorganized.
  • Include space for storing small appliances and less frequently used items. For items you don’t want to put on display, custom drawers will hide them away.
  • While you’re considering shelving, decide whether you would like to have counter space in the kitchen pantry. The counter can be helpful for prep work as well as holding appliances or serving pieces that take up space in the kitchen.
  • Know what features are important to you. You may need space for cookbooks or a built-in wine rack. Customization means that you can have exactly what you need.

All the Bells and Whistles

It comes as no surprise that kitchen pantry designs are becoming more elaborate. When you have the space, why not make room for a few extras that will make your pantry more functional for your family?

  • A small desk in the kitchen pantry is the perfect place for clipping coupons and creating grocery lists.
  • Create a coffee station. Don’t worry about cluttering counter space with coffee makers, creamers, and mugs. Setting up a station in the pantry with everything you and your guests will need can save you valuable space in the kitchen.
  • Today, a kitchen pantry isn’t just functional, it can also be beautiful. Add extras like a granite countertop, a skylight, and glass front cabinetry for a space that you’ll love to be in. These extras will also help the kitchen pantry to flow with the design of the rest of your home.

The pantry is an extension of the kitchen, the heart of your home. Make it beautiful and functional with these ideas and get creative to make the most of your space.

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