Need any Home Remodeling Ideas ?The Upcoming Holidays Are Another Week Closer Now!

Need any Home Remodeling Ideas ?
The Upcoming Holidays Are Another Week Closer Now!

Home Remodeling Ideas for the Upcoming Holidays

Well, we’re now a week closer. Thanksgiving is less than 4 weeks away and soon to be followed by Christmas and New Years Holidays. Did you get any home remodeling ideas, improvements or upgrades done last week? In our last segment, we discussed the upcoming holidays and some home improvement electrical upgrades that would be helpful.

This article will recommend a few other possible upgrades that will help not only during the holidays but also in the months ahead.

Stop the Drafts

In Texas we welcome the cooler weather but we need to keep the cold air out of our homes. The majority of cold air infiltration can be resolved by inspecting the weather stripping at exterior doors and some windows. Some people will try to do this themselves and almost any attempt and repair can be beneficial. Many times we hear about the frustration they experience as they try to find the right weather stripping material that will actually fit their existing doors and windows.

We can easily remove the weather stripping and replace it with the correct commercial grade products not even available through most of the big box home improvement retailers.

Replacement Windows

If the windows in your home are original, it could be time to look at replacement windows. We offer a locally made window that is an awesome upgrade to your home. Windows are one of the few products that start paying you back immediately because of better energy efficiency and lower heat/cool costs.

Exterior Paint

Are you tired of your brother in law pointing out all of the things on your home that need attention? An exterior paint job can really add to the value of your home while protecting the soffit and fascia materials from the winter weather.

Many times we can complete most jobs in 2-3 days and offer a 3 year chipping warranty to give you a peace of mind. Our typical home painting projects will include painting all exterior siding, window wills, shutters, rear doors, gutters, chimney, and caulking all the windows.

Outdoor Living

When the size of your family out paces the size of your home, an exterior living space can really add to entertainment square footage. We have in-house design services to draw the ideal space that can include built in seating, outdoor fans, covered patio, outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or even heated pool.

After Santa heads back north, an outdoor living space is a great way to spend the spring, summer and fall months enjoying the outdoor spaces around you home in comfort. Check out some of the “Outdoor Living Ideas” in our Portfolio.

DFW Improved

Our seasoned professionals have the experience to deal with complex projects. Do some “Dreaming” of your own as you browse through our Photo Gallery for concepts and ideas. Relax, take your time and find your inspiration!

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For any of your interior or exterior painting, outdoor living or addition project or other typical home improvements you have, DFW Improved is the right contractor and can help you with the entire scope of work for the upcoming holidays.

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