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New Home Construction in McKinney TX

While many families consider remodeling a home a wonderful and exciting adventure, it’s not that way in the case of a natural disaster.  In fact, with one of the first homes built in McKinney, the family’s experience was very different than planned. 

Fire Restoration Turns into New Home Construction Project

This McKinney home was struck by lightning so directly that it resulted in a fire that consumed most of the home. As the family was obviously upset, we at DFW Improved were focused on taking a negative situation and making it as positive as it could be for this family.  We started by helping this family work with their insurance provider to make sure they received full coverage in order to rebuild the home of their dreams.

While this home fire was not in the plan, it became a blessing in disguise as they were able to build a home more suited for their now growing family.  With this insurance restoration project, we were able to rebuild almost everything including the existing structure, foundation, and driveway by scraping the lot and starting over from scratch. The result was the home of their dreams with more square footage and we were glad to be able to help.

Home Fire Safety Tips from the Red Cross:

  • Make sure you install smoke alarms on every level of your home, inside bedrooms and outside of sleeping areas.
  • Test your smoke alarms every month. If they’re not working, change the batteries.
  • Talk with all family members about a fire escape plan and practice the plan twice a year.
  • If a fire occurs in your home, GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL FOR HELP.
  • Never go back inside the home for anything or anyone.

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