Remodeling a Kitchen in Allen TX

Remodeling a Kitchen in Allen TX

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What to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen in the DFW Area

Having served home remodeling needs for many years, DFW Improved is often asked what makes kitchen remodeling popular with home makeovers.  So we thought we would share an example of this home remodeling project we recently completed in Allen, Texas.

As many people are considering home improvement projects, kitchen remodeling becomes one of the first things you think of.  After all, many families spend more time in the kitchen than any other area of the house.  Since the kitchen is such a popular place, it tends to get worn down pretty quickly.

Below is short video of one of our kitchen remodeling projects in Allen, Texas.  As you will notice in the ‘before’ section of the remodeling project, this kitchen required a decent amount of work.  First, there was an existing load bearing beam that needed to be removed.  In order to do this, we had to place a steel beam in the wall supporting the bedroom above.

Second, you will notice standard oak finish cabinetry that is very common in homes in DFW.  You will also see older backsplash and oak railing along the countertop edges.  Believe it or not, as you will see the ‘after’ picture, we were able to use much of the standard cabinetry only to add a little.  The secret here was refinishing cabinetry with a gel stain as our best home construction contractors as brilliant in this area.

Last, but definitely not least, was the kitchen lighting changes that help create the environment the homeowner desired.  Many people overlook the importance of kitchen lighting and we often times look genius for some of the simplest things in home remodeling.  Kitchen lighting is one of those home improvement areas that often make us look genius when it just takes some design work and lighting expertise to choose the best kitchen lighting for a home.  Although there is sometimes more cost here than people realize, the impact can be great.

This kitchen remodeling project in Allen took the DFW Improved team about six weeks to complete and helped this Allen home regain it’s beauty.  If you are interested in remodeling a kitchen or any type of home remodeling projects, give DFW Improved a call at 972-377-7600.  You can also follow us and see our work on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.

Kitchen Remodeling in Allen TX by DFW Improved