What Most People Don’t Know About Remodeling Services

Remodeling Services – What Most People Don’t Know


Many people do not know everything about remodeling services. There are hidden aspects of it not everyone is aware of. The first one is that contractors will never admit how long their remodeling services will actually take them to perform. Starting a remodeling project takes longer than most remodeling contractors are willing to admit. This is because they don’t want the person to change their mind about having the work done.

The process of meeting with a designer to determine what a person wants to get out of the remodeling services they are paying for. The time between meeting with the designer and having the project be completed is usually quite a while. Home construction can typically run four to five weeks behind, delaying the entire project.

Projects and Scheduling – The Tough Part When It Comes to Remodeling Services

Many people want to propose a project to a contractor one day and have them start it the next day. However, this is not realistic.

Because of lead times on some materials and products, a project might not have finished earlier anyway. These lead times will all vary some, but there are products that can take up to 6 or 8 weeks from the oder date to be shipped and arrive on a project.

There are many necessary steps that come between the proposal of the project and the beginning of the construction. These steps are often very time consuming and take longer than people realize. Depending on the project, the prep work that goes into a remodeling project can be extremely complicated. Contractors generally don’t want to take the time to explain the importance of completing the prep work before starting the remodeling services.

Contractors often hide the less desirable details of a remodeling project from their client so that the client will still go forward with the project. These are the same contractors that homeowners get frustrated with because of the things the contractor didn’t want to chance not getting the project.

We Recommend Open Communication

Make certain that you have specific conversations about the different phases a project will go through, from executing the contract, pre-construction and what must happen during that period as well as the actual construction work and completion.

It’s always best to have remodeling contractors that can look you in the eye when they tell you how long the project will take…and you hear from the references they provide you can tell you the same thing.

Yes, you should ask them for references and then call and talk to them all. You might get a surprise you weren’t expecting!

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