Home Remodeling Ideas for Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms and Shelters

Photo of Completed Storm Shelter InstallationThe home is a place of security and safety for you and your family. It is only natural that you would want to include design options to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome if something should happen. Designing a home with a shelter or safe room has become an extremely popular way to establish safeguards in the event of inclement weather or an intrusion.

Depending on the needs of the family, these locations can be created to blend seamlessly within the interior of a home or built into the surrounding landscape. These choices are based upon the specific concerns of the family who will be utilizing these measures. Some of the amenities you can add to these rooms include:

  • functioning refrigerator or stove/microwave oven
  • bed
  • desk
  • television
  • plumbing works
  • sanitation
  • location to stockpile food and other necessities


To address the personal concerns of the family planning for these rooms, additional safety options are available which include:

  • reinforced walls and/or door
  • access to telephone or internet without the use of a landline
  • filtered/recycled air
  • separate power generator


The accommodations in a safe room are designed to fit the number of individuals who are potentially going to be within it. Highlighting the many variable factors involved in home hazards, the rooms are also made to sustain the occupants for either a short period or a more extensive duration. In many cases a safe room may only be needed for a few hours until help arrives, or it may be designed with a greater threat in mind, requiring a much lengthier use.

With the need for privacy in mind, many safe rooms which are designed within the home are done in such a manner that the general public would not realize it was there. This provides the added security of not projecting potential flight patterns to criminals who may have prior access to the premises.

Homeowners are turning more frequently to a safe room or shelter addition to address the unknown future. It helps provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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