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Shower Pan “What Lies Beneath…”

How Does a Shower Pan Protect Your Home?

How Important is a Shower Pan?

New Shower Floor_PhotoWhat lies beneath your beautiful new shower tile floor?

That may not be important to you as you enjoy your new shower, but make no mistake…it is very important!

Underneath your shower tile is a shower pan.  That shower pan will include a shower pan liner.  The liner must be there to contain and drain any water that makes its way behind the tiles and into the shower pan.  There are several types of shower pan liners.

The most commonly known and used liner is a vinyl liner. The vinyl liner is a sheet of vinyl, laid in your shower pan as a water barrier.  It is also the least expensive process.

The problem with the vinyl liner is that after it is installed in you shower pan, the tile must still be laid on top.  The problem with that is, the tiles are very sharp and can often cut the liner creating tears or holes.  Now, your water barrier that is meant to contain and then drain water, has holes in it.  Like pouring water into bucket that has holes in it……doesn’t work well at all!

The water then makes it’s way outside the shower pan area and leaches into your wall studs, floor plate, perhaps even into another room.

This is what you don’t want to happen!Leaking Shower Pan_Photo

Look at the water on the floor around the shower…and the damage to the adjacent wall. This is typical of the problems created when it’s constructed wrong. To prevent this from happening, DFW Improved, as our standard, uses a fiberglass shower pan liner to ensure water can not get outside your shower pan.

This process is definitely not the least expensive, but we feel it is the right way to contain and then drain the water from your shower pan as intended. Most importantly, it prevents water from the use of your shower out of other parts of your home.

Some home improvement companies would consider this an upgrade to your shower installation, but DFW Improved considers it a necessity.

At DFW Improved, we do not cut corners to get the job or to get the job done…

Our Team of professionals will get the job done right…the first time!

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