7 Elements of a Magnificent Mudroom

7 Elements of a Magnificent Mudroom

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Looking for a place to hang your hat? You’ll never wonder where to put it again if you have a well-designed mudroom. Many modern families are realizing their need for this important room. A mudroom gives busy families a place to store shoes, coats, backpacks, and sports equipment. It is also a great staging area for coming and going as well as a convenient place for taking care of things like laundry and recycling.

Here are seven elements of a mudroom that any well-designed remodel must include.

Coat Hooks and Shoe Storage

First and foremost, a mudroom is for stashing your everyday gear. Plenty of coat hooks make it easy to deal with outdoor wear when you’re coming and going, and shoe shelving encourages everyone to take off their muddy, wet shoes before traipsing through the house to put them away.


One of the most important elements of a photo-worthy mudroom is that it provides plenty of storage for things like sports equipment, backpacks, and out-of-season gear. Shelving is one of the most effective storage systems, but make sure it’s designed specifically for a mudroom. Built-in lockers or tall cubbies are a popular choice, providing each member of the household with shoe storage, coat hooks, and high shelving for less frequently needed items. Baskets are useful for containing and concealing clutter, and everyone can have their own. A closet is also a good idea for storing out-of-season items.


If you’re storing shoes in the mudroom, it’s a good idea to provide somewhere to sit while people are taking them on and off. Include a built-in bench for a sleek, modern look, with drawers or cubbies underneath to make sure no potential storage space is wasted.

Utility Sink

Since a mudroom is generally situated near the doorway everyone uses to enter and exit, chances are people will come in with messy hands from time to time. A utility sink not only provides a place to wash up but also aids in gardening, laundry, and other tasks involving water.


Speaking of washing things, a mudroom can also double very conveniently as a laundry room. Making the family’s main entrance to the house the laundry center makes it simple to drop off soiled sports clothes, wet winter wear, dirty socks, and other items that should be washed—or dried— sooner rather than later.

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Recycling Center

Just as a mudroom makes an excellent laundry room because it’s situated near the main entrance to the house, it is also the perfect place for all of your recycling. A built-in recycling center makes it easy to sort recyclables and to take them out on pick-up day.

Easily Cleaned Surfaces

Last but not least, one of the most important elements of a mudroom is its easily cleaned surfaces. Consider a tile or linoleum floor that can be swept or mopped quickly if dirt is tracked inside and also easy-to-clean paneling, paint, and shelving so that everything can be wiped down easily.

You may have heard that the center of any home is its kitchen. For busy modern families, however, the center of the home just might be the mudroom. These seven elements of a well-designed mudroom will go a long way toward making it one of the most important rooms in your home.