Nine Noteworthy Remodeling Regrets

Avoid These Major Makeover Mistakes:


Rushed Remodeling

Rushing into a major home improvement project can result in a design that isn’t exactly what you dreamed of…it is one of the top regrets we hear from homeowners who have gone through a recent home remodeling.  Take the necessary time to look around and determine exactly what you want.  All too often we hear of homeowners who have gotten excited with a bonus check from work, or some other form of unanticipated income, that leads them to make home improvements that were not budgeted for before.  Unfortunately, they made decisions too quickly and ended up with major makeover mistakes, not exactly what they had envisioned.


Bad Budget Beginnings

Not properly budgeting from the beginning will get you only a portion of what you desire. Home remodeling projects can be costly – especially when a home remodeling contractor does not provide a fully detailed scope of work, agreement and drawing.  Having a set budget that is communicated with the remodeling contractor and supported by a detailed agreement is very important to keep costs under control.


Costly Contractor Choices

Selecting a remodeling contractor that is not local or not properly insured. Since home renovation projects can be a major investment in your home, selecting a home remodeling contractor locally is important.  Too often homeowners select remodeling contractors and end up in court fighting over part of their investment.  Worse yet – the court is in another city where the remodeling contractor is located.  Make sure to choose a local contractor with a showroom that you can visit and has proper insurance coverage in the event everything doesn’t go exactly as plan.  At least you can go visit their office and insurance will cover any serious mistakes.


Vandalized Vision

Failing to get a detailed plan and drawing from your remodeling contractor prior to writing any checks will lead you to regret. One major challenge with home remodeling is clearly sharing your vision for a new kitchen, new bath, or room addition. Miscommunication is sure to happen without a clear picture of your hopes, dreams, expectations for the project.  Many homeowners find themselves wandering way off track because they haven’t clearly articulated their goals, so they envision one thing and the remodeling contractor envisions something entirely different. Make sure you get a complete drawing, plan and scope for the remodeling project that makes you comfortable so there is less chance of a major miscommunication. As you select a contractor to help you create your dream home, make sure you are both committed to a project plan with a clear picture and purpose.


Burned By Bargains

Choosing the cheapest priced remodeling contractor may lead you to find their work quality was just like their pricing, too low. When business gets slow, home remodeling contractors tend to discount their pricing to homeowners.  While this can be good for you, it can also be really bad. Contractors go out of business every day. One of the primary causes for their failure is finances. Those that tend to bid projects really low, do so in many cases just to get cash flow to help them stay afloat.  We’ve seen too many homeowners that have written checks to remodelers that subsequently go out of business within 3-4 weeks of receiving the check, leaving the homeowner struggling to find a new contractor with less money to pay again for the same work.  Make sure you do your due diligence on the remodeling company, and avoid choosing a contractor simply because they have the lowest price.


Design Detail Disasters

Not considering the details of a design like lighting, ventilation, or even where to put the trash can, often leads to disaster. As you start to plan for a room renovation, the small things can often be overlooked only to become a serious eye sore once the work is complete.  Make sure you use an experienced design firm for your remodeling project and get help with all of the small stuff.


Hidden Hives

We’ve seen lots of unexpected pest infestation and water damage discovered during a project. Over 10% of the remodeling projects throughout the United States expose hidden water damages alone.  Couple this with common pest problems, foundational issues and damages from Summer heat and Spring storms in Texas, and you could have yourself a whole new project.  Make sure you perform as much due diligence as possible before starting your remodel project, and then expect the unexpected…and budget for it!


Monday Morning Madness

Forgetting to make alternate plans for the things normally done in the project areas of the home during reconstruction can make for mayhem. When homeowners get excited about the new look that’s soon to come, they can easily forget to plan for their own restricted access to certain areas of the home during the project.  There’s nothing like sitting up in bed on Sunday night as you realize that your bathroom will be unavailable to you all week because your remodeling project starts in less than 24 hours. Be sure to plan and coordinate your calendar accordingly.


Furniture Folly

Not properly preparing and protecting furniture from harm during the remodeling process can become infuriating. One very common complaint we’ve heard from homeowners about other home improvement contractors is feeling disrespected by dripping paint or damaged furniture during the renovation effort. While certain remodeling projects may include new furniture as part of the plan, many others simply rearrange existing furniture. Either way, it’s important to hire a team that will respect your furniture and personal property during the home improvement project.

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