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If you're thinking about a home renovation or addition project, hiring a professional design-build firm will provide big benefits. Undertaking a home construction project on your own can take a huge toll on your time, your energy, and your budget. Without professional help, your design project can end with costly mistakes and less-than-perfect results.


What Is a Design-Build Firm?

A design-build firm provides a seamless, integrated approach to your home renovation or construction project. Unlike the traditional method, which involves various contractors and subcontractors, a design-build firm offers a single point of contact for design and construction services.

With a design-build firm, you benefit from a cohesive team of professionals handling every aspect of your project, from initial concept to final execution. Our comprehensive services encompass design consultation, space planning, interior design, building and construction, and installation – all under one roof.

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Visualize your project like never before with our state-of-the-art 3D design service. Our innovative technology allows you to see realistic renderings of your space before construction begins, empowering you to make informed decisions and confidently bring your vision to life.

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From Concept to Completion
Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, adding a new room, or repairing your home's roof, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations. With professional designers on staff, we ensure every detail is meticulously planned to achieve the "wow factor" and create stunning design appeal.

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What Are The Advantages Of Professional Design Services?

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Hiring a professional interior designer can make the difference between a final project with average appeal and one with spectacular results! Designers are trained in space planning, color coordination, materials and finishes, budgeting, and installation services. They have a wealth of knowledge and skill in these areas, as well as handling every phase of your project.

  • Design Consultation

During your design consultation, a designer can assess your project wants and needs, as well as your budget requirements to make selections that are right for the job. A designer’s trained eye is a big project advantage.

  • Budget and Planning

A designer can create a plan that keeps you on budget. With a good knowledge of construction costs and interior furnishings, a designer can create a space that fits your needs and your budget.

  • Professional Resources

There are many resources for products, materials and furnishings available to designers that are not available to the general public. A knowledge and connection to special resources can make a big difference in overall design appeal and finished results.

  • Professional Contacts

In addition to vendor resources, designers have many home improvement industry contacts for special services such as electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, roofing, and interior finishes.

  • Space Planning

If you’re remodeling a room or adding on to the house, proper space planning is crucial to good results. If you want furniture groupings in the middle of the family room, a designer will ensure that necessary floor outlets are not overlooked.

  • Expert Vision

Professional designers are trained to see the finished product. Most homeowners struggle with choosing materials, furnishings, and colors because they can’t visualize the end results.

  • Time Management

With any type of home project, good time management is essential. A designer can oversee all phases of the project, schedule workers and deliveries, handle payments, and bring your project in on time.

  • Attention to Detail

Good designers are three-dimensional thinkers with an eye for detail. A designer can translate your wants and needs into a functional space, while keeping an eye on important details and current design trends in local and international markets.

  • Property Value

A professional designer can add a great deal to the aesthetic appeal of your home, which can increase your property value and potential sales if you decide to sell down the road. A higher sales price will mean a bigger return on your investment.

Interior design is a skill and an art that will enhance any type of home remodel or addition. Hiring a pro raises the level of that experience and makes your house a home with unique design appeal, well-planned and efficient spaces, and comfortable ambiance.

Custom Cabinet Solutions

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Elevate every room in your home with custom cabinet solutions tailored to your unique style and needs. From kitchen transformations to bathroom makeovers, and even office and entertainment room enhancements, our cabinet design services offer the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Explore our Cabinet Brochure to discover a curated selection of options, ensuring you have a comprehensive 'menu' to select from. With our expertise and your vision, let's transform your spaces into showcases of exceptional craftsmanship and personalized design.


Do I Really Need A Designer?

Professional Designers : Tile Selection at a Home Remodeling Showroom

In addition to the many advantages mentioned, a professional designer brings a different skill set to a project. Many architects identify themselves as interior designers, but professional training and job skills are fundamentally different. An architect is highly trained in all aspects of building construction and technology, while an interior designer’s training focuses on visual aesthetics. If you work solely with a contractor or builder, most don’t have the knowledge or same vision of an interior designer. Architects and designers specialize in the abstract, in conceiving suitable solutions for space configurations and personal needs, while contractors and builders are concerned with the realistic details of actual physical construction.

A designer is usu­ally more important on a renovation job than on a project that involves new construction. Home renovations are site-specific, and no two projects are alike. Unless your home renovation is strictly cosmetic, you will need a set of plans to acquire a building per­mit. Most municipalities require that you submit detailed plans to the city code enforcement officer. Many state, and local codes require close adherence to building regulations regarding property easements, structure heights, electrical wiring, plumbing, and disposal of construction materials.

If you’re getting a bank loan for your renovation project, the bank may also require professionally prepared blueprints and proposed cost estimates for the project. A designer can act as a liaison and guide throughout your project to make sure that all building materials and renovation details are up to code before the local building inspector comes to inspect the project.

City building codes are complex. Unless you’re in the building industry, code regulations are often difficult to understand. When designers submit drawings for approval, a plans examiner with the city building department will review them and issue a revision notice for any changes that need to be made to comply with current code regulations. A well-informed designer with up-to-date knowledge of building technology and local codes can get building projects through with the minimum number of revisions, so building permits get issued faster. This will save you time and money and get your home renovation projected completed much quicker.

Hiring a design-build firm with a professional designer on staff offers many advantages. You work with one team to conceptualize and complete your project which saves you time and money. Although the upfront costs for services may be more, long-term savings will pay for any additional project costs. Working with a quality design team will ensure that your project meets your design goals, stays within your budget, finishes on time, and promises great results.

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