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When disaster and nasty weather strikes, DFW Improved is there to help your property get back to the way it’s supposed to be: your home.

Insurance Restoration
Built for Texas Homeowners.

Insurance Restoration Built for Texas Homeowners.

A Texas lifestyle offers natural landscapes and plenty of sunshine, but it also brings occasional weather with severe rains and hail, strong winds, and even tornadoes in some areas. Heavy storms and natural disasters pose dangers to people and pets and often lead to home water, wind, and fire damage that requires professional restoration.

Damage to a home after a storm or natural disaster creates a stressful situation for a homeowner. Many people don’t know where to begin, what to do, or who to call, but it’s important to take immediate action. It’s essential to call a professional restoration expert like DFW Improved right away to clean up the mess and prevent further damage to your home.

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Meet the Smith Family

The Smiths came home from a holiday vacation to a flooded house, thanks to a burst water line in an upstairs bathroom. DFW Improved helped remediate the damage done to their home, while at the same time making upgrades and improvements designed to help them live more comfortably. Watch their story above ^

First Step:

Get a Home Inspection

Restoration to your home is a two-step process – cleanup, and remodeling. After damage occurs, it’s important to call a home restoration company and schedule a home inspection right away. A speedy inspection is necessary, because your insurance company may not cover any problems that show up after the remodel is completed. Many damages may be obvious, but some may be hidden from view. A DFW Improved restoration professional can accurately assess your damage and create a plan of action to get things back to normal.

fire damaged home before reconstruction
insurance adjuster meeting

Getting Ready for Your Insurance Adjuster

Since a home restoration project is often covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy, it’s best to hire a contractor who can help you with necessary costs for cleanup and repairs. While most general contractors and home builders may do great work, they don’t typically have expert knowledge or experience in damage restoration. An experienced restoration contractor like DFW Improved speaks the same language as an insurance adjuster, so you’re likely to speed up the restoration process and get a better settlement from the insurance company for damage. Some contractors even use the same computer programs that insurance companies use, so necessary paperwork is already insurance-ready.

Wood floors and staircase after insurance restoration

Water Damage

If severe water damage occurs, you may not be able to re-enter your home until the cleanup is completed. Water damage poses dangers to homeowners, as well as significant health risks.

Wood built-in bookcase after insurance restoration

Wind And Hail Damage

Damage from strong winds and hail may not have a direct impact on your home’s interior, but they can cause significant damages to your roof, siding, windows and doors, and outdoor A/C components. A thorough inspection is necessary to assess any damage to these areas.

home restored after fire and smoke damage

Fire And Smoke Damage

When your home is damaged from fire and smoke, professional restoration is required. Although the fire trucks may be gone, the real damage and cleanup is just beginning. Restoring a home after fire and smoke damage is not a DIY job for any homeowner.

You should never enter your home directly after a house fire, or tamper with anything in or around the house. This is dangerous for you and can cause further damage to your home. It can also impact your insurance estimate, if the insurance investigator is unable to examine everything in its original state after the fire. Restoration after a fire requires professional-grade equipment and expert experience that only a restoration contractor can provide.

Choose The Right Contractor

After damage to your home, finding the right restoration contractor is essential for a speedy, proper cleanup and restoration remodeling project. At DFW Improved, we come to your home and conduct a free inspection to assess all damage. If we determine that you can file an insurance restoration claim, we will handle the process and work to get you everything you deserve to compensate for your losses. If we don’t get you money from your insurance company, we don’t take any money for our services.

If you plan to upgrade your home at the same time as the restoration, we can help you with repair and remodel costs. With over 25 years as a full-service design/build firm, our expert team can help you with a variety of remodeling projects during your restoration process.


Our approach is truly no pressure.

We come to your home and conduct a FREE thorough inspection. If we determine you are in a position to file an insurance restoration claim, we handle the process and work to get you everything you deserve. No money from the insurance company, no money for us.

Stop worrying whether your home’s okay.

The area has seen more than its share of severe weather recently. A proper inspection of your home and its roof should be done by a professional.

Xactimately right.

Hail damage to roof shingles is nearly undetectable to the untrained eye.  Again, we ask for no money down because our inspection is free, and we never see a penny unless your insurance company honors your claim.

We know our way around the house.

It’s critical you use experts to ensure you fully recover your losses after a storm. With more than 25 years as builders, we know things many roofers don’t.Every home reacts to storms differently. Don’t let a misinformed contractor’s oversight become your loss.

You get only the best for your investment.

We’ve done insurance restoration and residential roof replacement work for years, and we are always evolving to better serve our customers.  We recommend and use CertainTeed products because they’ve been in business for 100 years and have the best warranty in the business. When it comes to such a sensitive situation as a home restoration project, you should have an insurance restoration contractor that:

  • Has an experienced team of estimators
  • Is well-versed in using Xactimate estimating software
  • Works hard to save you time and reduce your stress

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