7 Ways to Design a Welcoming Entryway

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Everyone wants an entryway that makes guests feel welcome and looks put together. Here are a few tips to help you design an entryway that you can show off with pride.

1. Fill Your Entryway with Warmth

Whether you paint the walls or decide to decorate with a color theme in mind, utilize the effects of a bold color, such as a deep red. An entryway wrapped in colorful warmth will help draw your guests into your home and amplify the impression of a welcoming home.

2. Invite Them In

A classic way to design an entryway is to place a runner leading down the hall to draw visitors into the rest of the home. If you prefer not worry about cleaning the carpet, you can design a border with different colored tile or hardwood or even use paint to mimic the look of a runner.

3. Brighten and Lighten

A mirror in a dark or small entryway can do wonders to brighten and lighten the space. When placed correctly, a mirror can reflect windows or other light from the rest of the house to make the entryway brighter and warmer. A mirror also opens up a small space, making it feel larger and airier.

4. Give Them Something to Look At

Gallery walls aren’t just for living rooms and other common areas. Whether you’re posting art, family photos, or a collection of mirrors and frames, a gallery wall in an entryway encourages your guests to come inside and get a closer look.

5. Include the Staircase

In many homes, the staircase is in or near the entryway. Trying to design an entryway while ignoring part of it will usually fail. Instead of ignoring the presence of your stairway, include it. You can incorporate a gallery wall going up the stairs so that it’s visible from the entryway, or pull the staircase in by painting the stair risers with a warm color you’re highlighting in the entryway. Don’t overlook the opportunities presented by a banister, which can be decorated to match the season.

6. Provide Somewhere to Sit

One of the fastest ways to make your entryway welcoming is to give guests a place to sit, to put their shoes on, set their things down, or just to wait. A pretty chair and a hall table can make all the difference in a formal entryway. A more functional option would be a bench with cubbies or drawers for storage underneath.

7. Shed Some Light on the Subject

Good lighting is important to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. If you have room, put a lamp on a table in the entryway for a warm glow. If you opt for a chandelier, make sure it hangs with the bottom about six and a half feet from the floor – high enough that people won’t bump their heads on it and low enough that it adds to the overall look and feel of the room.

There are many factors to take into account when you design an entryway. Just remember that this space is the first place visitors see when they walk in the door so you want it to be both attractive and practical.

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