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Aging in Place Solutions for Comfortable, Independent Living

Certified Specialists in Universal Design and Home Modifications

Transform your home into a sanctuary of comfort and accessibility with DFW Improved's expert 'aging in place' remodeling solutions, tackling the challenge of maintaining independence and safety in a familiar environment.

Embracing Multi-Generational Living with Aging in Place Design

Tailored Home Modifications for Your Loved Ones’ Comfort and Safety

Embrace the concept of multi-generational living with DFW Improved's Aging in Place design. Our tailored home modifications prioritize the comfort and safety of your loved ones, incorporating universal design principles into construction for a more inclusive and accessible living environment. Our team of certified aging in place specialists understands the unique needs of multi-generational households, ensuring that every modification enhances functionality and aesthetics. With a focus on universal design in construction, we aim to create spaces that accommodate diverse age groups, fostering a harmonious and comfortable living experience for everyone in your home.

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Customized Home Solutions for Aging Comfortably and Safely

At DFW Improved, we are dedicated to addressing your unique needs regarding aging in place. Our aging-in-place remodeling services are tailored to create home adaptations that promote safety, comfort, and independence for seniors. We are well-versed in ADA-compliant requirements, ensuring that your home is not only beautiful but also accessible and accommodating for all generations.

Independent Living for Seniors

Safe and Accessible Home Modifications

 In our commitment to enhancing independent living for seniors, we specialize in safe and accessible home design. Our expert team can install features like grab bars and walk-in tubs and create wheelchair-accessible layouts, ensuring a home that promotes senior safety and comfort.


Multi-Generational Family Living

Integrating Comfort and Privacy

Our multi-generational family living solutions are designed to integrate comfort and privacy seamlessly. We create spaces like in-law suites or ground-floor bedrooms that respect older people’s need for independence while ensuring they are an integral part of the family environment.


Enhanced Living for Disabilities

Universal Design for Accessibility

Our universal design features are tailored to enhance the living experience for individuals with disabilities. By incorporating disability-friendly home modifications, we create an accessible, comfortable environment that promotes independence and well-being.

Showcasing Our Aging in Place Remodeling Expertise

Explore our gallery showcasing aging in place projects, where we have implemented universal design features to create comfortable and safe living spaces for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Our expertise in aging in place remodeling is evident in the thoughtful and practical solutions we provide to meet each client's unique needs.

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Comprehensive Aging in Place and Universal Design Services

Discover our comprehensive aging in place and universal design services, where we work closely with aging in place contractors to provide tailored home modifications and renovations that prioritize safety and accessibility. Our expertise in universal design remodeling services ensures that your home is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you require modifications for seniors, multi-generational living, or enhanced accessibility, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that enhance your quality of life.

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Multi-Generational Home Remodeling

Our multi-generational home remodeling services are designed to create living environments under one roof that cater to the needs of multiple generations. From in-law suite additions to versatile spaces that promote harmonious living, we specialize in crafting solutions that promote comfortable cohabitation while respecting each family member's privacy and independence.

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Accessibility and Safety Enhancements

Our accessibility and safety enhancements are focused on making homes more inclusive and secure for seniors. Through accessible home design and safety modifications, we ensure that every corner of your living space is comfortable and hazard-free, allowing seniors to move around confidently and independently while aging in place.

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Our Proven 6-Step Process for Aging in Place Modifications

Our proven 6-step process for aging in place modifications provides a structured and efficient approach to creating safe, comfortable senior living spaces. With a focus on aging-in-place remodeling, our step-by-step plan ensures thorough home modification planning and execution to meet each client's specific needs.

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Initial Consultation with a CAPS Specialist

Our process begins with an Initial consultation with a certified aging in place specialist (CAPS). This crucial step allows us to conduct an in-depth aging-in-place assessment and understand the unique needs of our clients, ensuring that our remodeling plans are tailored to enhance safety and comfort in their homes.

Custom Design and Planning

Our team focuses on custom design and planning, where we create personalized design plans that prioritize accessibility, comfort, and the unique needs of each client. Our aging-in-place design planning ensures that every detail is tailored to provide our clients with a safe and comfortable living environment.

Detailed Proposal and Cost Estimation

We provide a detailed proposal and cost estimation to ensure transparency and clarity throughout the aging-in-place remodeling process. Our clients receive a comprehensive breakdown of costs, ensuring they clearly understand the project's scope and budget.

Finalizing the Project Details

We focus on finalizing remodeling details, including material selection and project timelines, to ensure everything is in order before we commence the remodeling work. This meticulous planning ensures a smooth and efficient process.

Implementation and Construction

We move forward with the implementation and construction phase, where our team of experts carries out the remodeling work with the utmost professionalism, minimal disruption, and strict adherence to safety standards. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities throughout the construction process.

Project Completion and Final Walkthrough

In the final step of our process, we conduct a thorough project completion and final walkthrough to ensure your utmost satisfaction. This allows us to address any final touches or adjustments, guaranteeing that your aging-in-place modifications meet your expectations and needs. Your comfort and happiness are our primary goals.

Going Beyond Customer Satisfaction

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients in Dallas Fort Worth

Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with aging in place remodeling. Our client testimonials highlight the positive impact of our universal design solutions, giving you confidence in our expertise and commitment to your comfort and safety.

Don Brown

I had both my master bath and closet remodeled and new flooring installed throughout the house (wood floor and carpet). Very happy with the work. The design team was very helpful in helping me select finishes and products. Stayed in house while work was done without any problems.

Rick Hinsey

We have used DFW Improved for several home repairs, including replacing a cedar support post for our rear patio roof and repairing water damage to our exterior soffit over our garage. The job cost estimate and change order processes are straightforward and fair. The work is always performed in a timely manner, and our Project Manager, Josh, always keeps us apprised of any delays due to weather or material shortages. The fact that DFW Improve is insured and provides a one-year workmanship warranty is a real plus. They might not be the cheapest in town, but they are the most reliable and quality-focused contractors we have dealt with. Check them out for all your home improvement needs.

John Cisar

We are happy we chose DFW Improve for our kitchen update. Our project manager, Josh, did an outstanding job of supervising the process of replacing our countertops, sink, and backsplash in our kitchen and laundry room. He detailed the project schedule and communicated changes and updates well. Cynthia at Levantina helped us find the perfect quartzite slabs for our countertops and backsplash. The finished kitchen looks fantastic! We will use DFW Improve for any future projects. Thanks, Josh, for all your hard work.

Answering Your Questions on Aging in Place and Universal Design

Explore our aging in place FAQs section to find answers to common questions about Aging in Place and Universal Design. We aim to provide clarity and valuable insights into how our services can enhance your living environment and address your specific needs.

Our Service Area

Serving North Dallas and Surrounding Areas for Aging in Place Solutions

DFW Improved proudly serves North Dallas and its surrounding areas, bringing Aging in Place solutions and Universal Design expertise to local residents. Our commitment to providing safe and comfortable living environments extends to communities in Plano, Frisco, Allen, Prosper, Celina, McKinney, Dallas-Fort Worth, and the neighboring regions. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance your home with our specialized services tailored to your needs.

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