master bathroom ideas, Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

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What Are Your Master Bathroom Ideas?


At DFW Improved, we work on many Master Bathroom Ideas and Bathroom projects at the same time. Because we usually have several in progress at the same time, we have had the opportunity to install many very unique features and materials. The possibilities for design and material options are nearly unlimited and can range in cost from very affordable to…well, much more expensive.

In this article, I would like to show you some recently completed bathroom and master bathroom ideas that are not only affordable but have looks that are out of this world.

master bathroom ideas, Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

Floating Mirrors in front of Ledger Stone Backsplash

  • Floating Mirrors can be inexpensive and can really add a nice design feature and your personality to your private bathroom or master bathroom space.


  • Ledger Stone can be installed on shower walls and like this one, also be continued into the vanity area. When considering ledger stone in showers keep in mind the stone will need to be grouted with a grout that has sealer in it and the stone and grout will need to be sealed routinely to maintain its ability to shed water and keep the look desired. Proper upkeep is important with this application but the finished product is well worth the extra work.


  • Concrete Slab Vanity Tops and Sinks – These tops are custom fabricated in many different colors and finishes.  They can also be made to use vessel style and drop in sinks or like this one they can be built in.
master bathroom ideas, Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

Old Re-Claimed Lumber Countertop


  • Reclaimed Lumber – This is a trend that has gained a lot of interest as we are all interested in “Green” or “Sustainable” construction methods and opportunities. A lot of folks are spending hundreds of dollars on reclaimed lumber for shelves and counter tops. The counter top in this photo is a piece of old, reclaimed lumber that cost us well over $100. However, the wood backsplash trim we installed around it was common cedar from the local lumberyard. We distressed or “roughed it up” to give a similar look. The new material cost was less than $20, but there is virtually no difference in appearance of the two materials when complete and it made the overall price much more reasonable.
    master bathroom ideas, Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

    Custom Arch Top Pocket Door



  • Pocket Doors – One of the most popular changes people make to smaller spaces is adding a pocket door. However most pocket doors can often look like a cheap after-thought. One great way to address this is to use a solid wood door that can be painted or stained. The solid wood door gives substance or weight to the door that actually helps it be easier to slide open and closed. It also helps eliminates the light, cheaper feel of a normal pocket door. Another nice option is to make the opening an arched opening. It turns the pocket door into a design feature that stands out whether the door is open or closed.
master bathroom ideas, Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

Shower Bench and Wall Niches


  • Niches and Shower seats are inexpensive ways to add design interest and functionality. These features require some experience and pre-planning to create the look and feel that someone wants, while also making very, very sure that it’s all correctly constructed. It is critical to know how to waterproof and protect these wet areas from becoming the dreaded mold or mildew problems if they are not done properly.
    master bathroom ideas, Affordable Master Bathroom Ideas

    Wall Sconce Accent Lighting


  • Lighting is always an important element for both function and design. Often people don’t think about the many different ways to light the space such as sconces, pendants or more traditional can lights. Today there are so many different types of light fixtures and options that can be used together or separately to meet all your lighting needs while highlighting and creating just the right ambiance or “feel” to your space.


There are many different ways to add master bathroom ideas and beautiful concepts to your bathroom project without breaking the bank. DFW Improved is experienced and can help you achieve what only you can see now.

Give us a chance to help you on your next project! We know how to listen to your ideas and then help you make them become a reality.

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