Aint No Party Like a Bar Shed Party

Aint No Party Like a Bar Shed Party

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What is a man cave on steroids? A bar shed, of course! What could be more fun than having a bar shed of your own in your own backyard? Your new bar shed can be in any design and style that works for you. From a true barn-type shed to a contemporary backyard oasis—the parties are on with a bar shed of your own. Here are a few bar shed essentials to think about. 

Your Texas Bar Shed Essentials

A bar shed can be as rustic or as modern and as comfortable as you desire. A welcoming reprieve in your backyard will make your outdoor living space the hit of your circle of friends and family. You can personalize it to make it your own, but there are a few essentials that will take your watering hole to a new level.

The great thing about a bar shed is that you can use a building that is already on your property and remodel it to fit your style. If you don’t have one, you can have one built for you. You’ll want a bar shed that looks good, so if you’re not an experienced builder, you may want to have a Texas contractor create your space. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Theme
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration

Develop your theme. Are you a tiki-bar type or is an Old West look more your style? How about a 1950s diner, a hunting lodge, or a Route 66 bar shed? Maybe you just want a place to finally display all of your beer signs or old license plates that have been stored away. Whatever theme or no-theme you choose, your builder can give ideas on how to design your bar shed.

Bar shed seating. Of all the bar shed essentials, seating is the most important. The number of seats will depend on the size of your bar shed. No matter how many you have, you want the seating to be comfortable.

What type of lighting do you envision? Do you see traditional bar lights, dogs playing poker, Guinness lamps, or maybe old lighting fixtures you have stashed away in your basement? It’s up to you—it’s your bar shed.

Keeping the drinks cold. Your contractor will know the best way to make your bar shed come alive with electricity in order to keep those drinks cold.

It is Your Space, You Can Do What You Want

With your contractor’s help, you can create a bar shed that’s as decked out and elaborate as your space and budget allow or keep it rustic. You can pick and choose your own bar shed essentials. When it’s all finished and ready to show off, have an open house. Ask your guests to contribute a bottle of their favorite spirits to help get your bar stocked. Then stand back and see the reaction of everyone who comes into your yard.

Bar sheds are popping up in backyards all over the world, and yours may become the new neighborhood pub. Take a look at your backyard and envision the way you want your new outdoor man cave to look. Spring is a great time to get the project started!

Build a Bar Shed

Spring into summer with a bar shed built for entertaining! Reach out today for a free estimate.