barn home conversion, Barn Home Conversion

Barn Home Conversion

Barn Home Conversion in Texas

Some home improvement and home makeover projects are challenging, yet can be very exciting and rewarding.  This particular barn home conversion project was exciting and unique in Celina TX.  For this home conversion project, we designed and remodeled almost every room, so here are a few of the highlights.

barn home conversion, Barn Home Conversion

Barn Conversion Drawing

First, we had to add the front porch and entry to make it feel more like a home.   A barn doesn’t need a front porch or entry, but a home does. So we helped the Celina homeowner with this first.  Then, we helped transform the four-car garage into a large family room with a stone fireplace and cedar beams.  The client already had some remodeling ideas around the family room and we helped them bring them to reality.

Next, the master suite was developed with a private patio and harbor.  A 500′ square foot cedar deck and arbor were added to the west side of the home in order to make a great spot to host guests and watch the sunset.  The kitchen doubled in size and the granite countertops gave the homeowner the kitchen she always wanted.  She knew the kitchen design was important and wanted to make sure it was exactly what she expected.

The new, redesigned staircase leads up to the second floor where we converted a large storage space into three secondary bedrooms as well a game room.  Their family and friends wanted a place to enjoy themselves while also having places for couples to sleep.  It was a real pleasure to bring the homeowner’s ideas to reality with this barn home conversion project in Celina TX.

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