bathroom remodel in Plano TX, Bathroom Remodel in Plano TX

Bathroom Remodel in Plano TX

This bathroom remodel in Plano TX was a complete reconfiguration of a master bathroom by the DFW Improved team in 2011. This client wanted a bathroom makeover. For this particular project, our client chose to redesign the master bathroom with ideas they had already begun collecting and were looking for help from the DFW Improved design-build team to make their vision a reality.

Why DFW Improved for a Bathroom Remodel in Plano TX?

They chose DFW Improved as their home remodeling contractor to help reconfigure the master bath and help them remodel it with a new, fresh look and feel. To help the homeowner achieve what they were wanting our team moved things around. We changed the vanity, bathtub, and the toilet location as well as reconfigured the shower. This reconfiguration meant a substantial amount of work. Our design-build team did a great job!

As we began working with the homeowner, we understood that they already had some ideas of how they wanted their master bathroom remodel in Plano TX to look and feel. Our design team helped them with the material selection process for the bathroom design. Our build team helped with the details of their reconfiguration ideas. The client made beautiful material selections that we all loved, with contemporary choices for surfaces, vessel bowls, and modern plumbing fixtures. Ultimately, we enjoyed their decisions, and they liked our ability to help guide them and do the work it would take to achieve what they envisioned with their new master bathroom remodel in Plano TX.

This total renovation of their master bathroom in Plano TX was a success, and when completed this client was excited about their new bathroom remodel results. If you, your family or your friends are thinking about simple ways to update your bathroom, and here’s another article about things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

Find Out How Much A Bathroom Remodel Costs

Whether you need help with water damage caused by leaky roof flashings or it's time for your very own total bathroom remodel in Plano TX, our team of design build experts can help you get your home looking beautiful. Here's another article about the typical costs of a bathroom remodeling project.

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