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Create a Bold Statement in Your Powder Room

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If you want to spruce up the look of your home without doing a complete renovation, a powder room remodel is an easy, inexpensive way to make the whole house feel new. And because powder rooms are typically small, a powder room remodel usually doesn’t take much time. You can spring for the high-quality upgrades that would be pricier in a larger bathroom.

Here are a few ways you can get the most bang for your buck with a powder room remodel.

Make a Statement with Color

For most powder rooms, you can’t go wrong with strong colors. Opt for a lively patterned wallpaper with your favorite color as an accent or be bold and layer a few colors throughout the room. For a minimalist look that never grows old, choose a natural or neutral color scheme.

Pick a Bold Pattern

Bold patterns can work very well in a small powder room. Many designers recommend choosing a medium-sized pattern in case you don’t have enough wall space for a larger one and to avoid the busy look of a small pattern. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Your choice of colors, furniture, and fixtures will either balance or accentuate the pattern.

Paint with Purpose

Not every wall needs to be papered! Paint is an excellent way to add color to everything—from walls to accents. Here are a few tips to make your paint really pop:

  • Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This creates an illusion of height, especially with a crown molding painted in a contrasting color.
  • Use paint to pick up an accent color. For instance, paint the vanity or even just the mirror’s frame to match the color in the wallpaper that you want to highlight
  • Layer colors. To avoid making everything too matchy-matchy, you can choose a few colors and layer them throughout the powder room.

Add Texture

You can add visual interest to a small space with interesting texture, which can range from textured wall tiles to more creative options. Here are a few ideas for adding texture:

  • Opt for textured wall tiles or wallpaper. These options will lend a more traditional look to your powder room.
  • Cover the walls with textiles. Hanging fabric from a track mounted where the wall meets the ceiling enables you to create interest while providing an easy way to hide whatever unsightly design choices lurk behind the curtain.
  • Mount lattice on the wall. Want a unique, textured look? Mount a decorative lattice on the wall and paint it a slightly different color from the wall for a layered look.

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Love the Luxury

Budgeting frequently comes into play when renovating a home, but the small square footage of a powder room makes it easier to splurge a little. Impress guests with the luxurious details of your powder room remodel such as that marble vanity counter you’ve always dreamed of, elegant lighting fixtures, and premium flooring.

BIG Statements in Small Spaces

Whether you are renovating your entire house or just planning to go room by room, a powder room remodel is a great place to start. Besides the fact that the size of this room makes it the fastest, easiest, and most economical room in the house to remodel, it’s also a great way to impress your guests with your sense of style and refinement. Opt for luxury and bold, tasteful looks and you can’t go wrong.

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