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Clubroom and Kitchen Renovation in Plano TX

La Ventura Apartment Clubhouse Makeover

For the last several years, DFW Improved has helped La Ventura continue to improve their facilities in many areas specifically in their basketball gym, workout room and bathrooms involving painting, new countertops, reframed walls and many other improvements.  This particular project for the apartment complex was a great clubroom and kitchen renovation in Plano completed in the Fall of 2012.  Special in many ways, we have enjoy working with this client and were really excited to handle this clubroom and kitchen renovation project for them.

Kitchen Renovation in Plano, Texas by DFW Improved

This clubroom and kitchen renovation is unique in many ways.  La Ventura wanted a complete clubhouse renovation from floor to ceiling including the kitchen, bathroom, furniture and appliances and something that made their residents feel at home, yet still enjoy a social environment where their families could visit with their neighbors.  So they chose to completely redo their clubroom to make the environment something people would truly enjoy and want to come hang out.

As we started this kitchen renovation and clubroom makeover, we started from nothing more than studs and had to reconfigure the kitchen with all new cabinets, countertops, appliances and flooring.  Since this kitchen project was such a major change, this involved changing the framing and redoing the plumbing as well.

La Ventura offers Saturday breakfast for all their residents, so we created serving bars underneath windows allowing them to serve them.  We also shared ideas on decorations and new furniture including a very nice pool table the residents now enjoy.

As you can see from the photos in our Project Gallery, La Ventura and DFW Improved were both very pleased with the results of this kitchen renovation and clubroom makeover.  To learn more about kitchen renovation or other home improvement and remodeling projects, connect with DFW Improved on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube OR you can always Call 972-377-7600.

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