Create a Spa Bathroom Oasis at Home

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After a long hard day of work, everyone needs a place all their own to relax and unwind. Creating a spa bathroom could be the key to having a private oasis in your own home. It only takes a few touches here and there to transform your bathroom into something amazing. Use these tips to create a spa bathroom oasis in your home.

1. Aromatherapy: Calm your senses with the scent of something soothing. Whether you choose incense, candles, or oils, your favorite scent is sure to engulf you in a sea of relaxation.

2. Soft Textures: Make your feet happy with thick, fluffy bath rugs. The sensation of walking on a cloud will make you feel light and airy. Don’t forget to update your worn towels as well. Choose towels that are of a quality material like Egyptian cotton. The next time you step out of hot shower, you will feel the difference as you wrap yourself in the luxurious softness. If there is seating in your bathroom, add decorative pillows to further diversify the textures in your bathroom.

3. Turn Down the Lights: If you work in an office with bright, fluorescent lighting, your eyes could use a break. Dim the lights in your bathroom by installing a dimmer switch or placing a small lamp in the bathroom. There is something about dim lights that make you forget your troubles and focus on the moment.

4. Wet Your Whistle: Place glasses and bottles of water in your bathroom to add a resort-like feel. If you take a long soak in the tub, you may get a little thirsty. Have something cool and refreshing nearby.

5. Scenery: Everyone spends a lot of time in the bathroom every day so why not add a little scenery? Artwork is a great way to bring the theme of your bathroom full circle. You can opt for one large piece or an assortment of small pictures to adorn a wall of your bathroom. If you really want to create a focal point, add a fireplace. Double-sided fireplaces can be enjoyed from both your bedroom and your bathroom. There’s nothing like the enchanting view of flames burning to intrigue and ease your mind all at the same time.

6. Greenery: Plants take the look of any room to the next level. Greenery helps to add just a little more depth to the space. Most importantly, greenery can help filter the air in your bathroom, which allows you to breath easier. You don’t need a large array of plants to be effective. A small arrangement in a vase will do the trick.

7. Keep it Clean: It’s hard to relax in a sea of clutter and dirt. Set up your bathroom to be organized. Keep an assortment of baskets filled with bathroom staples to make the bathroom seem more open and neat. Tuck the baskets away in the vanity to clear the visual clutter, but still keep everything organized and ready when you need it.

Now that you know know how to create the perfect spa bathroom, where will you begin?

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