Essentials of an Eat In Kitchen

Essentials of an Eat In Kitchen

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An eat-in kitchen is a great way to simplify mealtime. Oftentimes, setting up the perfect room can seem overwhelming unless you understand the essentials of designing the space. These key tips can make your eat-in kitchen the ideal place for eating and cooking.

1. Feature an island

An island is a great feature for an eat-in kitchen. In addition to giving you extra counterspace to prepare meals, it also gives you a place to eat.

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You can use one side of your island for meal prep and the other for seating on high stools or chairs. Instead of carrying meals to a separate dining table, you can simply push them across the island. Clean-up is much easier, too. You can even fit the island with a sink, which makes washing dishes as simple as moving them a few inches.

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2. Give it a good flow

Eat-in kitchens offer less space than traditional kitchens, so a poorly planned space can can make mealtime more stressful. You may end up running in zigzags around furniture while you cook and clean, making everything more time consuming.

To avoid this situation, make sure the room has a good flow. Think about the placement of the table and the chairs. Make sure they won’t be in your way. And try to keep one section of the kitchen dedicated solely to cooking. Too many chefs in the kitchen is never a good thing.

3. Use benches for seating

Benches are great options for eat-in areas because they don’t take up as much space as chairs. While chairs can create clutter, benches can be built into the wall or slide completely under a kitchen table. They stay out of the way and even somewhat hidden.

You can easily install a long bench along one wall of your eat-in kitchen. Paired with a table of any shape, it will give the room some flair. As an added benefit, you can incorporate storage space into the bench. 

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4. Consider the view

Besides great food, nothing makes a meal more enjoyable than a good view. When arranging the furniture, try to place the dining table near a window or a door. Glass doors can offer a beautiful view of the outdoors. Putting the table near large windows has the same effect. The natural lighting and the outdoor view can make your dining area a special place.

Incorporating an eat-in kitchen into your home can change the way you think about cooking and eating. With proper planning, it can make meals easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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