home maintenance, Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare for the Coming Winter

Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare for the Coming Winter

home maintenance, Home Maintenance Tips to Prepare for the Coming WinterWhat Should I Do About Home Maintenance During the Fall?

Autumnal Equinox – Fall Is Here!

We just turned the corner on another season this last Sunday. It’s known as “The Autumnal Equinox”, more commonly known as “FALL”. It occurs each year on the date when the hours of both daylight and darkness closely equal each other. The Fall Season and climate are a preparation for the coming Winter. Dropping the temperatures and falling leaves are two of the signs of that coming colder weather. As homeowners, there are several checks and home maintenance items that are important for us to do.

Safety Items

    • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
      • Replace batteries and/or replace units if needed.
      • Hold down the test button and ensure that all alarms go off throughout the home if wired together.
      • If a unit is beeping or has an indicator light flashing, refer to the units information guidelines to determine the cause of the alert.
      • If a unit is constantly chirping and you can’t diagnose it, it is best to replace it immediately and not just unplug it.
    • Cooktop, Vent hood, Dishwasher and Refrigerator
      • Replace or clean filter cover for vent hood removing all built up grease and debris,
      • Remove filter for refrigerator water supply and replace,
      • Check supply line on the refrigerator and the dishwasher to ensure no leaks at connections,
      • Check the dishwasher drain line for kinks,
      • Check the doors and interior of the dishwasher for rust ,
      • Clean the bottom of dishwasher of all excess food or debris .

Carefully Look for Clues of Water Leaks or Home Maintenance Problems

    • Washing Machine & Dryer
      • Inspect the water supply lines at the wall box and verify that no water is dripping,
      • Inspect the water drain line and ensure that it is firmly attached to the wall drain,
      • Inspect dryer vent line for dust and debris and clean all ducts and surrounding areas. Dryer vent dust and debris is a Fire Hazard and should be removed at the earliest sign of buildup,
      • Check that the exterior dryer vent is fully functional and free of any obstructions for complete air flow. Birds and Animals love to build nest sand homes next to or inside this warm air source.
    • Sink, Lavatory and Tub Maintenance
      • Clean the discharge or supply part of the faucet. This is usually has an Aerator  installed that can be turned and spun off. This filter has a small screen that catches debris and mineral buildup.  If left unattended and not clean mineral deposits will build up and cause the flow of water to decrease and eventually stop.  It is also important to turn on any bathtubs or sinks that don’t get used at this time.  The hot/cold water cartridges will freeze up over time when not used and you could be forced to replace the faucet or valve completely.
    • Inspect the shower and tub drains and P-Traps
      • This includes cleaning out debris, that may have built up. Inspect the rubber seals on overflows and sink popups. Replace as needed.  The rubber gasket on a sink or overflow is the last line of defense before water leaks into the surrounding areas in your home’s walls. It is also typically the first piece to breakdown.  A rubber gasket that fails at a vanity cabinet can leak into the lower cabinet and not seen until the floor collapses.  A $5.00 repair could save you thousands of dollars.
    • Toilets
      • Check for leaks and continuously running or dripping water.
      • If your toilet is over 5 years old, used often and on the 2nd story consider replacing the wax seal. Leaks are extremely common as toilets get older but are avoidable with preventative maintenance.

DFW Improved

We hope that you find these tips informative and are here to help any way we can. These are home maintenance tasks that almost anyone can perform on their own; we just have found that some people aren’t sure what to be checking for and want to help.

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