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Do You Need Home Improvement Contractors for Repairs and Maintenance?

Can Home Improvement Contractors Help With Needed Repairs?

Image of Rotted Wood WindowsillWhy is it Important to Keep up With Repair and Maintenance of Your Home?

There are several small things that should be done on your home each year. Once your home reaches a certain age, there seem to always be some added repairs that are necessary too. Whether you can get around to all the items or you get home improvement contractors to help, it seems to never end. Unfortunately some people don’t get around to doing those things until the necessary repairs can become issues that cause deterioration in other areas of your home and begins to overwhelm anyone.

To help you stay in control of the items that need repair or maintenance, we offer a few suggestions to help you strategically plan so things are not always a surprise.

Your Home, Your Castle, Your Doctor

Remember that your home is not an unbelievably complicated structure to someone that has been in the construction industry, but how some parts of it work or where it is actually located can truly be a mystery. It helps to step back from the home and think of it as a whole, maybe even like the human body. Your home has both layers and separate components that all work together to make it function the way you expect. Just as you may start feeling worse when you have a cut or bruise, your home feels the effects of age and disrepair as well.

There are always things that a homeowner can take care of and should, just as there are other maintenance and repairs that most homeowners should call in the reinforcements like we do with doctors. If we tried to use a bandaid when we need a surgical procedure from a professional physician, then our body will not keep working very long.

As stated earlier, our homes are made up of many different components. The exterior of the house is similar to our skin. It’s the most visible layer, but it may not be where the biggest problem lies. Sometimes when you can see a sagging roofline or what look like ridges that look like they are in a very similar pattern, that may be more of a problem with some structural components or ‘skeleton’. You may truly need an expert that knows and understands the different layers and components to figure out what it may take to repair it properly. A new roof in that situation will probably not fix the real underlying problem. But we see some homeowners want to only add another layer of shingles to see what that does. It’s an expensive ‘bandaid’ and may need to be totally removed to get to the real problem.

Other Home ‘Medical Issues’ We See

– Exterior Siding and Trim – We receive calls at times asking for one piece of corner trim to be repaired or or replaced on the exterior or maybe the chimney. The odds are very high that if that if a piece of corner or the chimney has rotted pieces of trim, then the rest of the exterior is probably not far away from needing to be repainted.Doing an exterior repair and paint job at different times and possibly with different contractors (a trim carpenter and a painter separately) could cost you more money than having a general contractor do it all at once.

– Interior Cracked Sheetrock –  We also receive multiple calls for simple repairs in ceilings, or at the corners of windows and doors that are cracked. When we get there and look at the ceiling, the entire ceiling is bowed or there could be an issue with joist supports. I’ve even had one visit where the homeowner had put several pounds of storage items in the ceiling joists thinking the joists would carry the weight and that was actually the source of the sheetrock crack. Some cracks can also be the result of foundation movement that must be corrected before repairs can be attempted if the homeowner expects the repair to last very long.

Photo - Mold Damaged Green Board– Mold and Mildew Problems – Another issue that we hear about often is the mildew corners inside a bathroom or bathtub area.

Typically if you see dark spots in the grout or the caulk in the corners, there is a great likelihood that the moisture is already trapped behind the tile and possibly also in your wall cavities. The diagnosis and repair needed is more much more involved because it’s impossible to properly fix the real problem without demolishing at least part of the ceramic tile in the obviously affected area(s). After you get some of the tile out, you must keep removing material until you find no indication of further mold or mildew in the area.

If a handyman just adds more caulk in the corners without addressing the underlying issue, it’s only a matter of time before the homeowner is upset that the mold has returned.

Summary – Be Careful!

Unfortunately there are ways to ‘cover up’ all the issues that can come up in a home. In all of these jobs you can have a handyman just come and patch the work up.

You may get it done cheaper now, but you will be paying more in the long run due to the several times you will need to hire someone to re-do the band aid. The right way is to know what you’re doing, peel back the correct layers of construction or skin and do the right work, right the first time.

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