home improvement remodeling, Home Improvement Remodeling and Freeze Warnings

Home Improvement Remodeling and Freeze Warnings

Freezing Temperature Forecasts May Be
the Last Warning You Receive Before the Mess

home improvement remodeling, Home Improvement Remodeling and Freeze WarningsHome Improvement Remodeling Tips for Winterization of Your Home

It’s still Fall in the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas Region and we’ve received our 1st “Freeze Warning”‘ before Winter even starts. Many of us are not prepared for Winter and the freezing temperatures that are approaching. We probably haven’t had time yet to consider any home improvement remodeling projects designed to help us really get ready for those upcoming freezing temperatures.

While it’s somewhat unlikely that this particular cold snap will cause much freeze and water damage, those days may not be very far away. It’s predicted to just be a few degrees below freezing (29 Degrees) and then only for a few hours.

However, did you know that a crack in a water pipe that’s only an 1/8″ long can leak around 250 gallons of water in a day? For those of us that are more ‘visual in nature’ (like me), that is equal to fifty – 5 gallon size buckets (50 – count them), filled to the brim…it’s a real mess!

Home Improvement Remodeling Tips That You Can Do Yourself

Exposed pipes are likely to crack in extreme temperatures and copper piping is more susceptible to cracking than other materials whether it’s indoors or out.

Miscellaneous Factoid:

Did you know that Hot Water Pipes can freeze too? If the hot water is not circulating through the pipes, then it is not moving and is cooling down in those pipes from the time it leaves the water heater. Insulating these hot water pipes will also save you energy. If you wait a while at a kitchen or bathroom faucet, then this is happening to you.

Home Winterization Tips:

    • Pipe insulation is very inexpensive (about $5 per length) and can be found at any of the big box retail home improvement centers in the plumbing section. Consider insulating any exposed water pipes in your home in the crawl spaces and/or and attic, but do it all. Uninsulated portions of pipe will still freeze, even if the rest of it is covered well.
    • Electronic heat tape is also an option if extreme colder temperatures are going to be present for multiple days in a row.
    • Garden hoses should be disconnected and drained. Exterior hose bib covers should be installed over the water faucets. These can also be purchased at your local home improvement center ($5 or less).
    • If your kitchen or bathroom is on an exterior wall, an easy way to temporarily prevent freezing is to open the cabinet doors below the sink or lavatory.
    • If you are going to be away from the home for a lengthy period of time, the thermostat should be on Heat and at least 60 degrees to maintain the indoor temperatures higher than freezing.

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