Ho, Ho, Home Improvements –
Are the Holidays Here Already?

The Approaching Holidays Means
It’s Time for Some Home Improvements

It’s hard to believe but we are only weeks away from Thanksgiving and less than 2 months from Christmas Holidays and everything that comes with that season of the year…hospital visits included if you’re not careful.

Here are some easy home improvements that might improve your home and your family’s experience for the upcoming holidays.

Safety First – Electrical Home Improvements

We all want our family safe through the Holidays.

home improvements, Ho, Ho, Home Improvements &#8211;<br/>Are the Holidays Here Already?Holiday Electrical

Do your neighbors call you Clark Griswold around the holidays? Don’t make the same mistake Clark made and install a few holiday plugs this year to keep up the 2-mega watts of lights.

A holiday electric circuit and outlets can be in a number of locations such as the eaves of the home. This simplifies simply plugging in your strings of lighting or a plug on the exterior wall of the home in time for Rudolph and the 10.

Even better, install the circuit on a convenient electric switch located in the garage to make turning the lights on and off easy and safe. It sure beats climbing around in bushes to find the ends of electric cords and then plugging in the lights correctly in the dark…not to mention the problems/hazards that could occur if it’s cold and wet outside.

Exterior & Landscape Lighting

This is one of my favorites…nothing is more welcoming than your guests pulling up to your holiday party and the exterior of the home is lit up. My preference is installing 4” can lights at the soffit area facing down on the elevation of the home. At my house I use long-life florescent bulbs that last over 2 years and cost very little to operate.

And if you’re a green thumb (like my next door neighbor) and want to showcase your hard work around the clock then landscape lighting could be your answer. We can install low voltage lighting, LED lighting, or even mood lighting in your 50-year-old pecan trees without harming them at all.

Surge Protection

After you get those 72 strings of lights on the exterior and your 12-foot tree decorated, the last thing you want is an electrical storm to strike the house and ruin your hard work. Whole-house surge protectors are a great way to protect anything you have plugged in at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

Green Upgrades

Timers and room occupancy sensors are a great way to conserve energy with a house full of people. ROS (room occupancy sensors) are basically a motion detector for the interior of your home. With minimal motion they remain on and have a setting for sensitivity and time to remain on. It’s a great way to have a fun product while keeping your electrical bill low.

home improvements, Ho, Ho, Home Improvements &#8211;<br/>Are the Holidays Here Already?USB Plug Outlets

I mentioned earlier that soffit lighting was my favorite but this one might just take the prize away.

If you have not experienced these USB outlets, then let me tell you – they are like a boiled egg in the morning, hard to beat.

Picture 37 of your favorite (even – not so favorite) relatives overtaking your house this Thanksgiving…all with  smart phones that need to be charged at the same time.

How cool are they going to think you are if you have one of these installed in your wall?

More Upcoming Tips for the Holidays Ahead

In our next segment, we will address a few other possible home improvements and Holiday Upgrades that will not only help you this year, but in the months between the holidays as well.

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