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Home Maintenance Checklist: Stocking the Suburban Garage

You do not need to be a handyman or a mechanic to have a need for tools. If you are a homeowner, you will need various tools for small repairs or other jobs found on your home maintenance checklist.

Basic Tools Everyone Should Have

A flathead and a phillips head screwdriver are commonly used tools. You should have several of each type in various sizes or purchase a screwdriver kit with multiple tips.

Hammer: You may have chores on your home maintenance checklist that require a hammer for more than pounding nails. The claw can be used for prying or to tap items into place.

Wrenches: These come in all sizes, so you may want to keep a few adjustable wrenches instead of many crescent wrenches. This helps avoid having to deal with differences between metric and U.S. measurements.

Pliers: A pair of pliers can come in handing when you need to firmly hold an object or bend metal back into shape. It can also be used to pull items that would be hard to grip by hand.

Various Hardware: It is wise to keep an assortment of nails, screws, nuts, and bolts on hand to knock out small jobs on your home maintenance checklist.

Maintaining Your Home and Yard


Rakes: If you have trees, you will want a lawn rake to clean up leaves or other debris for yard chores on your home maintenance checklist . You may want to consider purchasing a leaf blower.

Shovels: If you garden or work on your landscape, you will want to have a straightedge, pointed, and a hand shovel for digging.

Lawn Mower: Unless you hire a lawn service, you will need a lawn mower to keep your lawn well groomed. Keep a gallon of gas on hand, so that you do not run out in the middle of mowing your lawn.

This is only a small sampling of suggested tools you should consider purchasing to complete your chores on your home maintenance checklist. Having the proper tools will help you be better prepared to take on whatever home maintenance issues come your way.

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