how long does it take to remodel a bathroom and get the best results?

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom And Get The Best Results?

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Getting good results is what you will aim for when contemplating the question of how long does it take to remodel a bathroom. The article below analyzes the entire process of bathroom remodeling and gives a good estimate.

It takes about a month for a complete bathroom remodel. The figures will differ if you have a larger bathroom. Expect a maximum of up to six weeks before you can start using your remodeled extra-large bathroom.

What Are The Time-Consuming Aspects Of Bathroom Remodeling?

how long does it take to remodel a bathroom and get the best results?

Remodeling a bathroom, like building a house, considers many things. A complete redesign is also more time-consuming, as it has to rewrite the whole look of your bathroom. Here are the considerations that increase or reduce the timeline of a bathroom remodeling process:

Logistical Systems

A new floor and redoing the plumbing all over again will eat into the expected four-week period slated for a bathroom remodeling. The logistical issues will not just eat into the time but will also cost a lot. However, installing a new bathtub takes only about a day or two.

Installing time-consuming systems first and prioritizing the non-consuming last can save you a lot of time. Consider this, if you install a new bathtub before the plumping or flooring, the latter stages of the project might require the bathtub to come off again. That will eat into the timeline of the project.

Where Does The Redesign Begin?

Newer bathrooms made within a decade will require less work than those constructed 20 or 30 years ago. During repairs, a newer bathroom will require less flooring or a redesign in plumbing because it might already consider modern bathroom designs.

Upgrading already set bathroom components instead of installing new ones can cut the cost of a bathroom redesign and slightly reduce the whole procedure to less than four weeks.

Who Is Doing The Redesigns?

Bathrooms repaired or redesigned by professionals have their pros. For one, you will get a neat finish within a specified timeline. If you have agreed with the professional on a timeline of about three weeks and your bathroom is already in good condition, you can have better results faster.

On the other side, some experts without professional acumen can mess up your timeline due to a tighter schedule. It might be hard to know the true nature of a profession when contacting one, which is a downside of using a professional. But if you are confident enough, you can turn the remodeling into a DIY project.

DIY projects are special as you can do them with family. However, they can mess up your bathroom that already needs a redesign if you do not have the skills. When considering time, you also complete the project much faster when doing the project yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom And The Phases Involved?

how long does it take to remodel a bathroom and get the best results?

Bathroom redesigns do not have a definite schedule but have a typical three-phase process. The phases cover the pre-construction period that deals with gathering material and the right talents to do the job. The actual work happens during the construction period and, finally, the post-construction phase that ticks the new material installed against the ones removed.

Phase One—Pre-Construction

Phase 1 also breaks down into other processes that start with making invites to constructors and their teams to do the job. If you have a timeline already set, posting the job weeks to construction will help beat deadlines set for the project. People contracted must show previous experience and a willingness to fit into your schedule.  

After posting the job, contact some contractors and let them schedule a visit to the site. Tell them about your vision and allow them to give advice on whether the space is sufficient for the job. Some contractors might give you a positive response in a bid to win the project. You could try to get an opinion from at least three of them to have some confidence that whatever you have in mind can come to life.

Select the contractor you feel is best suited for the job using their experience and let them help you buy material. Remember to hunt for the required permits while compiling the tools to make the bathroom redesign possible.

Getting the correct permits and materials such as wood and nails can eat into your remodeling timeline. Depending on your redesign plans, you can start hunting for the permits some weeks before the actual construction phase.

Phase Two—Construction Phase

A bathroom remodeling might force you to start clearing your old bathroom. The process is tiring and noisy; you should warn your neighbors about it on time. Additionally, after removing the old sinks and bathtubs, clean the surfaces and prepare them for the work to come next.

Installing a new floor or new plumbing into your new bathroom can disrupt some electrical wiring serving the old bathroom. Look out for exposed wires, or call an electrician and have them refit the wiring to fit the new design of your bathroom.

Even if you have all the permits for remodeling, the local authority might come knocking to look at what you are doing. The authority will decide whether your work is up to code before giving you the right to proceed. After the city authority approves, you can instruct the constructor to install a floor in the cleaned areas to support sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.

The bathtub and sinks will require new plumbing. Ascertain your plumber is up to the job to prevent them from leaving behind loose ends that might destroy what you had in mind after a few weeks into using the new bathroom. The same goes for the toilet; it must strictly anchor to the ground to support a lot of weight. When satisfied with your new-look bathroom, clean it up.

how long does it take to remodel a bathroom and get the best results?

Phase 3—Post Construction Phase

Make inspections by walking through the plan you created in phase one with your constructor. Tick every element against what you see in the bathroom. The review should be extensive and tough on the constructor. You could look for another profession to review vital things such as safety and the longevity of the redesign. When satisfied, pay all contracted parties.

Bottom Line

Bathroom remodeling takes a shorter timeline when done right with the right people and using the right material. Doing the project yourself is one way to get the remodeling done, but contracting DFW Improved is another way to get it done properly and more appealing. You can call the contractors for price quotations and schedule site visits. 

Finance Your Project

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