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How to Pick Flooring That Fits Your Lifestyle

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Choosing new flooring is often a daunting and overwhelming process. With so many different materials, styles and price ranges out there, it can be difficult to sort through them all. Above all else, you need flooring that fits your lifestyle. Once you pick the right type of flooring for your family’s needs, the rest is smooth sailing.

Consider Your Lifestyle

The importance of a good plan can never be overestimated. Think of the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy and carefully consider your needs and wants for the room. Ask yourself a few questions and make some notes to help simplify the decision-making process.

  • What is the purpose of this room?
  • What kind of traffic will it see?
  • How does this room fit in with the overall feel of your home?
  • What kind of budget do you have?


For example, the flooring you put in your kitchen, which is a high traffic area prone to moisture and spills, requires different flooring than a private place where you go to relax, such as your bedroom or study. Flooring that fits your lifestyle while serving the purpose of the room is easier to care for, lasts longer and enhances the overall mood of the room.


Carpet has many benefits, providing warmth and cushion under foot. It is available in any color, texture and pattern imaginable, making it versatile enough to fit with any room’s style and décor.

The nice thing about carpet is you can coordinate different colors and styles for every room in the house. For example, you may choose a high pile gray for the bedroom and a shorter tan carpet for the living room.

Stain-resistant varieties are the best option if you have children and pets, although you want to avoid carpeting in kitchen and bathrooms where moisture is likely to cause a problem.

Wood and Laminate

If you really want flooring that fits your lifestyle – any lifestyle – wood or laminate flooring may be the way to go. Wood flooring ranges from elegant hardwood to environmentally responsible bamboo. A nice solid wood floor is able to handle the wear of high traffic while maintaining the elegance of the room. Make it more stylish by creating a unique pattern, like the Chevron wood floors pictured above.

Laminate is an alternative to traditional wood flooring that offers the attractive appearance of wood at a lower price and is easier to maintain. Adding area rugs and other accessories allow you to customize the look and feel of the room.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is often associated with meaning fragile but where tile is concerned, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The process of firing ceramic tiles at a high intensity makes them hard and durable. They are also dirt and stain resistant but require more care and maintenance to keep the tiles looking shiny and new.

Any investment in your home as important as flooring should be made with care. When all is said and done, you want to invest your time and money in flooring that fits your lifestyle.

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