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The Impact of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling on House Value

The two most important areas for a home buyer are the bathrooms and kitchen. This is why it is a good idea to focus on these rooms as selling points, giving them either a minor remodeling upgrade or complete overhaul. Even minor changes can make a huge impact on the value of a house.

Remodeling and Improving the Kitchen

Minor kitchen remodeling typically includes new cabinets and drawers, new countertops, and replacing old appliances. Cabinets can be changed rather than replaced if you are on a budget. Consider painting or re-staining the cabinets, or replacing a few door fronts with glass. Either option will give it a more modern look that today’s buyers are looking island

Simply replacing the countertops can have a huge impact. The cost will vary depending on the material you choose, but the higher end materials usually result in a larger boost to home value. Some countertop replacements can be done by the homeowner, however for a more custom fit and the best results, you will want to hire a licensed contractor.

When it comes to simple and budget friendly remodeling in a kitchen, a new paint job is ideal. A switch in color, an accent wall, or better quality paint will give a kitchen a quick facelift. Another easy change that you can add is a tile backsplash. There are many type of back splashes you can add, from glass subway tile to stainless steel tiles.

Another remodeling idea that will have big impact without doing a complete remodel is to simply upgrade appliances. Energy-efficient appliances are more desirable when a buyer is viewing a potential home. Aesthetically, stainless steel appliances are what the vast majority of buyers look for in a home.

Remodeling and Improving the Bathroom

Any improvements you can make to a bathroom will help the home value. While you can’t always make the space larger, a lot of people would rather have a small upgraded bathroom with a spa-like feel than a large dated bathroom.

Easier upgrades would include things like lighting and fixtures. Make sure everything from the shower head to the towel rack have complementary finishes and styles to provide a cohesive look.

Replacing a standard bathtub with something like a soaking tub will really attract a buyer. Especially in a smaller bathroom, something better than a builder-grade bathtub is always a win.

You can give the vanity or storage cabinets a facelift with new paint or stain, and just replace the countertop to make it look like a whole new unit. Another trend is to retrofit old furniture pieces into a vanity by adding a vessel sink. This will give any space added character.

Major Renovations for Kitchens and Baths

Major remodeling will usually entail a complete change in layout. This can include moving plumbing or expanding on the existing room. No matter what kind of remodeling you do, the impact on the value will be affected.

With a kitchen you may add an island or bar seating to a counter. Including a walk-in pantry will greatly increase functionality and interest. The more storage, the better.

Two major remodeling changes buyers look for in a bathroom are a separate shower and tub, and a double vanity. This is especially important in a master bathroom, and would be considered an added bonus in any other bathroom.

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