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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Tips for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

With the housing market at it’s current level, many homeowners are choosing home remodeling in place of upgrading to a new home or building a home.  Two common areas of upgrades are kitchens and bathrooms.  Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be as fun as designing and building a new home for many families.  After all, much of the time spent in a home is in these areas.  It isn’t always as simple as it sounds though.  So here are a few tips to help you prepare for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects.

Basic Planning Tips for Home Remodeling Projects

Protect Yourself:  Too many times, we at DFW Improved have been brought in to help homeowners out of bad situations because of choices made with poor remodeling contractors.  Unfortunately, many home remodelers tell a good story too often, yet many fail to fulfill on their commitments.  One of the worse things that can happen is for you to pay for a good portion of your a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project and find out your home contractor has gone out of business.  We hear this one far to often… some people have witnessed this with home builders too.  Make sure to do the following to protect yourself.

  1. Get at least 10 client testimonials from any home contractor you consider for your time of kitchen or bathroom remodeling,
  2. Demand pictures of their work on similar projects and even testimonials from those specific homeowners to make sure they can deliver,
  3. Make sure they have General Liability Insurance Coverage and provide you a copy of proof of this insurance coverage, and
  4. Visit their design showroom and meet some of their team who will be working on your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

Properly Set Expectations:  Since kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects require creative ideas from many parties involved, it is always best to make sure everyone is fully aware of the expectations.  These expectations come in several forms – budget, timelines and how you will work together with your designers to properly facilitate this process.  Make sure everyone is aware of the budget to avoid increases in scope costs.  Also, if you have an upcoming event or need the remodeling project completed in certain timelines, make sure everyone is aware of these timelines.  Nothing is worse than inviting your family over for Thanksgiving only to realize your kitchen remodeling will not be complete by then.

Last, but definitely not least is clearly communicating how you will work together on your remodeling project.  Sometimes kitchen and bathroom remodeling can create inconvenience for homeowners specifically where it relates to access to the bathroom or kitchen areas.

While there are many other considerations for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, these tend to be the ones we often find to be the most challenging.  To learn more about how DFW Improved handles kitchen and bathroom remodeling, Call Us at 972-377-7600.

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