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Kitchen Renovation – The Hottest Trend in the Market Today

How Can Your Kitchen Renovation Reflect Your Personality?

Pick Your Style First – Or Is It Stile? Cabinet Selection is Critical!

So many times a potential customer just gives up on their idea about a bathroom or kitchen renovation because there are just so many directions to go…with every aspect! And each decision affects the outcome and the success…or failure of their project!

Now it may seem safe to just do some updates. You know, just change the wallpaper or paint color and re-decorate to freshen up the experience for your family and for the friends that might stop by. But if you know that you will tire of that look soon, it is probably a waste of both your time and money to do that.

The housing market continues to stabilize for the most areas and it makes sense to invest in your home if you plan to be there for more than three years. A bath or kitchen renovation have proven to be the best investment bets in the housing market. Many times, when done really, really well, that may be the factor that helps a house sell over other competition in that same area.

Whether you might be considering a bathroom or a kitchen renovation project, most of the process and planning is similar. For clarity here, we will just use a kitchen remodeling project as our example of some of the thought and the process.

So where do you start?

  • We recommend that you should try to define the kitchen personality first.
  • What do you do in your kitchen today?
  • What is the biggest activity that occurs in it?
  • What appliance do you use the most?
  • Is it the refrigerator and microwave or is the sink and the oven or cooktop used most? These are not idle questions. They are designed to help prompt thinking about how YOU use your kitchen and it’s important function.
  • What style of kitchen do you feel most comfortable? Is it ‘Old World’, or Rustic? Or possibly it’s Ultra Contemporary…likely you will find yourself gravitating to a style as you peruse through Home Magazines and other thought provoking choices that are available. It’s not as necessary to verbally define it as it is better to keep pictures and photos of kitchen renovation ideas that you like. Many times we may not even know what we like about a style, we just know!

Kitchen Bath Remodel ProjectChoices, Choices, Choices!

Cabinet styles, countertop types, backsplash materials, sinks, appliances, flooring choices, light fixtures…the list seems to be endless.

Unfortunately as endless as the choices are, for most homeowners the budget is not as open or endless as what we may believe we want it to be.

At this point in the process, we recommend that as you try to determine the direction you would like for your kitchen to look, don’t worry as much about cost. Not because it won’t cost anything or you may find a contractor that will make a mistake…that can be the worst scenario, but we’ll deal with that problem in another article.

Find the Right Contractor for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Renovation

After you have a pretty good understanding about what you really want your kitchen to be when it’s complete, I recommend that you find an experienced, professional contractor to help you with the renovation. A contractor like this can help you through the process of design, material selections and budget. You will have assurance that the project can be completed without costing more than the agreed upon budgeted amount.

An professional contractor can also help you decide if and where it might be possible to make alternate decisions to help lower costs. Possible substitutions of alternate materials or even additional choices in plumbing products or light fixtures that might be similar in quality and look, but more cost effective as a result of supply, close-outs or other potential cost-savings. Contractors that are more experienced and do larger volumes of work will have knowledge of these types of opportunities to potentially save you money and help work within your budget while providing first-class service.

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