Pet Friendly Interior Design: Customized Pet Stations

If you have a pet, you know how quickly an animal can become part of your family. This is why they deserve the very best while living in your home. Pets can be a big undertaking as well, but incorporating some pet friendly interior design techniques can help by making your pets happy and your life easier. When it comes to bathing your pet, feeding them, or finding them a place to sleep, you can do so stylishly and conveniently.

Pet Washing

Pet groomers will take your pet in to wash them, brush them, give them a haircut, and trim their nails. This is a convenient option when it comes to bathing your animal, but it can get expensive. Also think about the times you let your pet in the yard to enjoy some nice weather and they come in dirty or muddy. It’s not always possible for you to pack up your pet and head to the groomer for a bath. Not many people like to wash their pets in their regular bathroom tub or shower because it is awkward and messy. You may want to consider having a pet washing station installed somewhere convenient in your home, such as in the mud room or garage. A pet bath can be placed in a corner or along a wall, with a floor drain and a shower nozzle. This might resemble a steel wash basin that you would see at the groomer’s or the pet store that you lift them into, or has a removable side panel for easy access. If you have more space at your disposal, you can create a full walk-in shower that is tiled and meant to be a permanent fixture.


There are numerous styles of pet bowls you can purchase online or from your local pet store, but many people do not like having the mess of a feeding station taking up their floor space. There are a number of ways that you can utilize pet friendly interior design to create a built-in, hidden feeding station. You can remove the toe kick under your cabinets and replace it with a hidden drawer that holds food and water bowls. You can also build a nook into the end of a kitchen island that is big enough for food bowls and a dog bed for daytime lounging. This keeps it out of plain sight while remaining accessible.

Sleeping Areas

There’s nothing your pet loves to do more than curl up and take a nap. That’s why you should have a designated sleeping area for your animal that is not only a place they are comfortable and safe, but you can also train them to sleep there at night when you head to bed. Bay windows are a great place to fit pet bed. This is especially true for cats who love to sleep in a sunny spot. You can also purchase a number of unique pet beds that fit more into the décor of your home than a traditional pet pillow, such as bedside tables with a sleeping nook underneath.


Rather than keeping a basket around to house all your pet items, you can incorporate pet friendly interior design by picking a storage center product that blends in with your home’s interior design. Storage benches are a great place to keep toys, clothes, blankets, food, and more without it looking awkward or becoming an eyesore. Because storage solutions are in such high demand these days, storage benches are available in every style, color, and material. You are sure to find one that works for you.

We can incorporate a pet station in a new custom home build, or retrofit one into your existing home. Contact us today for an estimate!