countertops, Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

What’s the Real Difference When It Comes to Countertop Materials?

countertops, Quartz vs. Granite CountertopsWhy is it that so many contractors try to push you to make a decision to use a material or product for your countertops that you didn’t ask for? Or even a color that you aren’t really crazy about? Who’s home is it anyway?

It makes you wonder…maybe they over-purchased material at some point or they are trying to help a friend that needs to move some stock at a supplier that nobody wants.

We want to just provide facts and information, and then let you make up your own mind.

Granite versus Quartz Countertops – An Honest Comparison

Granite has long been the main surface for countertop replacement in home remodeling, due to the infinite color choices, variations available and its durability.

Quartz surface is a material that is gaining popularity for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, bars, etc. It is considered a comparable alternative to granite surfaces.

Quartz Countertops

countertops, Quartz vs. Granite CountertopsQuartz is made of quartz aggregate and polymer resins that is basically maintenance free and does not require sealing. The resin makes the quartz technically stronger than granite. However, be careful in a kitchen application, there is potential for the quartz to “fog” or “haze” under extreme heat.

Quartz offers a more consistent color scheme and cleaner look than the popular veiny, multicolor grain of granite. It is non-pourous, very durable, scratch resistant and offers a wide variety of colors not previously seen in counter tops.

Granite Countertops

countertops, Quartz vs. Granite CountertopsHowever, granite countertops is still the most popular surface. Every single piece is unique.

Even when you choose granite slabs from the same “block” there can sometimes be difference in veining. coloration and sometimes one slab will contain what some people believe are imperfections.

It’s completely natural material. It’s the variations and differences that highlight and accent its color and natural beauty. that also is available in many color schemes.

Cost Comparison

The cost for a quartz countertop is typically higher than the granite on a per square foot basis. However, as demand for the relatively new surface increase, the cost appears to be gradually decreasing.

Overall, both surfaces are excellent choices for countertop applications and either is great as long as it ultimately appeals to your style and personality.

So, which surface is the best? Well, it seems to be a matter of preference.

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