roof maintenance and repair, Roof Maintenance and Repair Before Winter

Roof Maintenance and Repair Before Winter

Why is Fall the Best Time to Have Your Roof Checked?

Fall is the perfect time to perform all your roof maintenance and repair as we prepare for winter. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has been blessed this year with almost no severe weather this year so there is very little hail damage to repair.

However, it has been a hot summer and heat will take a toll on your roof shingles and vent pipe flashings. In addition, we’ve had some storms with high winds which can damage singles too.

roof maintenance and repair, Roof Maintenance and Repair Before WinterWhat Is Checked During Roof Maintenance and Repair?

We recommend an inspection to check for overall roof condition. I know it doesn’t seem like it will rain again but as always it will return and if there are issues on your roof you will soon find the telltale signs of water on your ceilings. The cost of a full inspection and any repair would be a fraction of the cost of most deductibles so it makes sense to have it done.

Pictured on the right is a vent pipe flashing that protects a pipe penetration that comes through the roof. When it was originally installed the neoprene gasket part of the flashing, which is the top part, was about a ¼ inch above where it is now which is the line on the PVC pipe. The joint created was sealed with silicone before, but as it ages and with the heat, it still can shift and let water in. This homeowner needed all the vents replaced or at the very least, resealed again to protect them from nagging leaks. An easy job, but if it’s not done properly it’s a sure-fire way to invite water damage into your home.

roof maintenance and repair, Roof Maintenance and Repair Before WinterGranule Loss

Another thing that should be checked is granule loss. When shingles begin to lose their granules it’s a sure sign of either damage or it can also be just wear and tear.

This happens as a normal course with shingles over time, but the high heat experienced in the summer combined with heavy downpours can accelerate that deterioration process and  The granules give protection to the asphalt layer of the shingle and helps diffuse and reflect some of the UV rays from the sun.

As granules are lost, it exposes the asphalt under-layer to the elements, and the asphalt layers will be more prone to failure, allowing water into your home. The picture on the left is an example of excessive granule loss. The asphalt layer of the shingle is very evident here. Although this roof is not very old, these shingles will need replaced in the near future to protect the home from water leaks and damage.

These are a few examples of things we check on in our roof inspection. As with most things when it comes to your home, a little preventative maintenance is well worth the investment.

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