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With the return of the school year comes the fresh start of a new day. Returning students have new friends to meet, new teachers to get to know and new classes to study for. Among the most stressful parts of school are the exams and tests that come along with learning new curriculum. Many students spend hours hunched over a desk memorizing new facts, which makes it important to have a study space that is engaging. Use these study space organization tips to keep things where they can be easily found, and make an engaging space for that special student in your life.

Pick the Location

If you’re able to choose any spot in your home for a study space then you’re very lucky. When you’re working with a full house, you may need to be more forgiving about where you can carve out a study nook. The spot should be relatively free from distractions but large enough to ensure proper study space organization. Make sure it’s not too close to the TV or entertainment centers. A nearby window can do wonders for a moment’s break.

Provide Additional Lighting

If your desk area has enough space, find a small table lamp to help with reading. If the desk doesn’t have room for a lamp, try getting a lamp that can be attached to the wall just above the desk or a floor lamp nearby. Using this lamp instead of the room light can also help keep your student from noticing other distractions around them and focus the light where it’s needed the most.

Stock Up On Supplies

One of the most important parts of study space organization is keeping the area stocked with the supplies you need. Looking for a pen or notepad in the middle of a hard chapter takes away time that could be spent finishing up the studies. Keep a pencil holder on the desk within easy reach and make sure that notebooks and papers have their own storage spot.

Keep It Neat

Sometimes things have a way of piling up, especially after a few hardcore study sessions. Get in the habit of straightening up the study area after every session according to keep everything organized. Adding a small wastebasket nearby can help keep the space neat a bit longer.

Don’t Forget Comfort

It’s important to remember that the space should be comfortable. A quality desk chair with a nice cushion can help make study time easier to endure. Just make sure it’s not too comfortable or you may find yourself stretched out taking a quick nap!

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