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7 Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2017

Gary St. JohnDesign

With a new year comes a new list of trends in home design and decor. With kitchen design, a little can go a long way this year! Here are seven kitchen design trends for 2017 and tips for incorporating them into your own home.

1. Matte Over Shine

Shiny fixtures and gleaming finishes have been adding glamor to kitchens, but matte is making a comeback. Designers are opting for brushed finishes and materials with a more subtle look, with plenty of texture and visual interest.

2. A Shift from Stainless

In line with the design trend away from shining surfaces, more appliance manufacturers are looking for alternatives to the ever-popular stainless steel. Look at black stainless steel, which offers the same benefits as sleek silver but with less edge. If you aren’t ready to upgrade, swap small kitchen accessories for items with a softer look.

3. Warm and Cozy

Plenty of designers favor a modern and clean white kitchen, but more homeowners are using color to warm up their decor. Warm-based neutrals are taking over, giving kitchens more depth and creating a comfortable feeling. A fresh coat of paint can quickly make your kitchen more inviting, and adding some textiles will give it a cozy feeling.

4. Natural Elements

Natural elements are finding a place in the kitchen. Reclaimed wooden tables, cork flooring, and handmade clay accents are among the earthy elements to look for in kitchen design trends for 2017.

5. Contrasting Cabinets

Black-and-white color blocking is the easiest combination to spot, but any two-toned combination fits with kitchen design trends for 2017. A light color on the top cabinets and a darker one on the bottom will anchor the design. Use matching hardware and design accents to pull the look together and keep it cohesive. This is a great option for those who want to make a big change but don’t have the budget for all new cabinetry.

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6. Marble Finishes

When it comes to high-end kitchen design trends for 2017, marble is the material of choice. Marble countertops, islands, and backsplashes add a luxurious feel and provide a neutral element that can mix with any design style. Look for marble accessories at home decor stores to embrace the popular marble trend within any budget.

7. Technology in the Kitchen

Technology is taking over in every area of life, and home design is no exception. In 2017 we’ll see more appliances equipped to connect with services like Amazon’s Alexa that make life easier for homeowners. Voice recognition will make everyday tasks a breeze.

Whether you’re building, remodeling, or just adding some decorating touches, these kitchen design trends for 2017 will give your home some added style for the new year.

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