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Design Your Dream Home: Media Room

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When deciding what features people want in their dream home, many times they choose a media room. As with any room in your home, you should carefully consider exactly how you and your family would use a media room. Here are some things to think about when coming up with a perfect design.


Obviously, your media room will be used to watch movies. But, will you dedicate it solely to that purpose? While some people do, many extend the use of the space by including a ping pong or Foosball table. The media system can also be used for playing video games or music rather than just movies. You might also have a bar where drinks and light snacks can be prepared, making the room multi-purpose entertainment space.


Your budget should play a crucial role in the design. It will help you decide which features to incorporate into your room and which ones you have to let go or put on hold. For example, you may want to enlarge a spare room to make it your media room, but if your budget can’t bear the weight of knocking down walls, you may have to make do with simply redesigning an existing space. Budget considerations may also extend to furniture and to the size of your media system, including how many bells and whistles it has.


If you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a media room, you want it to be comfortable. Overstuffed chairs and recliners are favorites for a media room. With a little research, you can find very attractive types of these furnishings. Also, while relaxing in a comfy chair and enjoying your favorite film, you’re probably going to want a drink and a few snacks. If so, where will you set your drink and popcorn while the movie is playing? Additionally, thermostat floor coverings can add to the comfort and appeal of a room and should not be overlooked.


You want just the right lighting for watching movies. Some people prefer dimmed lighting while others are happier with no light at all. On top of this, you will want adequate lighting for entering and exiting the room and for cleaning up. For all of these reasons, adjustable lighting is very popular in media rooms. You can turn it up, dim it, or even turn it off. You can get adjustable lighting with a dimmer system or operate it by remote control. Also, if there are windows in the room, you probably want blackout curtains.

When designing a media room for your dream home, no detail should be overlooked. That’s why planning and research are so important. Armed with these useful tips, you should be able to begin designing the perfect media room for your home.

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