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How to Plan your Media Room Makeover

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More and more homeowners are finding the value in staying in rather than going out for entertainment. Media room renovation projects are on the rise as families look to create comfortable entertainment areas in their homes. Here are some tips for designing a media room that the whole family can enjoy.

Focus on Sound and Sight

When tackling a media room renovation, sound should always be a consideration. If you can choose the shape of the room, opt for a rectangle. That shape will project the sound toward the audience. Speakers built into side walls will enhance the experience, giving every person in the room the same surround-sound effect. 

Placing a screen on one of the shorter walls, along with stadium-style seating, will optimize the sound in the room while giving everyone the best possible view. Also keep floor and wall materials in mind when renovating. Carpet on the floors and fabric like heavy drapes on the walls can improve the sound quality in the room.

Include the Best Tech

Designing your room to improve sound quality is a great place to start, but the quality of images and sounds will only be as good as the technology you use. Planning ahead and incorporating technology into the design of your room means that you’ll be able to construct design features around equipment and wires. Ventilated cabinets can keep unattractive equipment hidden, and wiring can be built into the walls to place speakers throughout the space.

Choose your screen carefully. Keep the size of the room in mind when making your choice. The screen shouldn’t be so large that it will overwhelm guests. However, it needs to be large enough that everyone will have a great view. One recommendation is to multiply the diagonal width of the screen by 2 to 2.5 to determine the optimal distance for viewing.

Create a Comfortable Setting

Designing a media room renovation means considering the comfort of yourself and your guests. Stadium seating is one way that theaters ensure every guest gets a great view. You can create the same effect in your home entertainment room by building platforms. Putting each row on a riser allows for more seating to fit in the space and lets everyone see the screen in front.

One of the most obvious benefits of bringing a theater into your home is that you can choose plush, comfortable seating over the fold-down seats found in most movie theaters. Make your media room a space for kicking back and relaxing in luxury. Plush fabrics, reclining seating, and extras like built-in cupholders will make everyone happy that they chose to skip the crowded theater.

When your media room is well planned, perfectly designed, and full of comfortable elements, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy the show without ever leaving home.

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