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Bathroom Remodel – Typical Costs

What Are the Typical Costs for a Bathroom Remodel in DFW


Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling any part of your home can be costly. The bathroom is one of the more important areas of your home to consider for remodeling – along with your kitchen. Most master bathroom remodel projects start around $15,000 and can range into tens of thousands of dollars depending on several considerations.  A few of the common considerations with bathroom remodels include taking out all of the fixtures (toilet, sink, and shower) and replacing them with new ones. One way to lower the cost is to leave in one or more fixtures and not add them into the bathroom remodeling project.

Guest bath remodeling tends to be less expensive than what the master bathroom costs. Installing a tub or shower can keep the cost of renovating a guest bathroom under $10,000. However, installing a shower often puts your cost higher because they tend to cost over $5,000 without the labor.

The most expensive bathroom remodels include the countertops, tile, and shower. These are things people often want to renovate the most, whether it is to update them, or to give the owner more room. Keep in mind that renovating your bathroom can become costly, so you will spend less on plumbing if you keep the existing floor plan.

Since bathroom remodels may be costly, yet add value to your home, it is important to know what you’re getting into a head of time. You will want to speak to a professional remodeling contractor to be sure your renovations will add the value to your home you expect.  In some cases, homeowners expect a significant increase in the value of their home, yet realize the type of work they are putting into their bath remodel does not necessarily add the same value. Often times, a realtor can help guide you as to the way to maximize the value of a bathroom remodel as well.

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