Infuse Your Home with Farmhouse Style

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Technically, art has no rules and neither does farmhouse design. That may be why it’s such a charming style to emulate these days. Are you ready to infuse some vintage farmhouse coziness throughout your home? The elements of farmhouse style will invigorate your daily home life while extending a warm welcome to all your guests.

When you think of farmhouse style, do you imagine vases full of sunflowers and rooster-themed decor? Think again. The elements of farmhouse style extend beyond that! explains, “Farmhouse design does not have an official definition. To the fans of modernism it may seem messy, but this style has its own character. It has a great visual appeal and brings back images from the past, recreating the unique atmosphere and harmony of the time. The warmth of natural wood, soft colors, fireplace, beamed ceiling, the spectacular use of interior textiles—all this creates a lovely place that invites you to stay and makes you feel at home.”

Farmhouse style is charming and rustic yet practical. It lets you combine light colors with various textures and vintage props. Bedrooms and bathrooms are comfortable yet functional. Kitchens are cozy, and family and friends are drawn to conversations around the living room fireplace instead of a T.V. Practicality extends to a vegetable garden or a small herb garden near the house that also brings accents of color to the property. Plus, natural elements like bunches of fresh herbs or curtain rods made of tree branches bring the charm of the outdoors to the indoors without costing a penny.

What elements of farmhouse style can you add to your home?

  • a variety of textiles such as leather, cotton, and burlap
  • vintage or shabby-chic furniture
  • a chunky, rustic table and wood chairs
  • mason jars as drinking glasses, food storage containers, lighting fixtures, and/or vases
  • pitchers and dishes made of strong white ironstone
  • flowers
  • porches with rocking chairs
  • claw-foot bathtub
  • bead board
  • wooden flooring
  • sliding doors made of reclaimed barn boards
  • rustic touches such as hanging plates, reclaimed items, decorative antique bottles, and canisters
  • white kitchen cabinets with open shelving and/or vintage buffets
  • painted wooded-plank walls
  • a large stove
  • a long farmhouse sink with apron
  • butcher-block counter tops
  • fireplace with a mantel

While rigid rules don’t apply to farmhouse style, background areas such as walls should be white or another pale color that will make decorative accents and natural wood stand out. Don’t be afraid to get personal and showcase your family heirlooms on the fireplace mantelpiece or even throughout the house. Include wooden ceiling beams to add height and warmth as well as a rustic touch throughout the house.

From bathroom remodels to kitchen remodels, from fireplaces to outdoor living spaces, we’re here to make certain that your dreams are built to your specifications.

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